Tummy Tuck + Breast Implants and Lift. How Do I Get the Courage to Put Myself First? - Victoria, BC

Well, I feel like it's about time I make a profile...

Well, I feel like it's about time I make a profile and interact more. I've been kinda stalking this website for a year now. I'm so conflicted about undergoing surgery. I want a tummy tuck and breast implants/lift soooooooo badly.
Why? The tummy tuck I would like because I have a flabby, wrinkly ponch. I used to be overweight until I was about 21 (I'm 32 now). At 21 I started exercising and eating right and lost 30 lbs which I have kept off. But I never really lost my belly. I have now had two children (2.5 year old and five month old) and although I'm almost back to pre-pregnancy weight (I'm 118, would like to get to 112lbs), my stomach is a mess. The breast implants are because, although I have always (obviously) known I was flat cheested, I found out as I was trying to breast fed my first child, I have hypoplastic/mildly tuberous breasts :/ super lame. So, I have two small (now sagging thanks to pregnancy), asymmetrical, kind of funny shaped breasts. So, I'd like very, very, very modest implants and a lift just to balance my shape.

Although the the cost (I was quoted about $20,000) alone is steep, it's the recovery that really is holding me back. On the one hand, I have the next year off work with my boys so I wouldn't have to miss work while recovering, but on the other: how the heck will I take care of them?! I know my husband will have to help, but I don't know if my heart will just break if my babies are reaching up at me and I can't pick them up? I also get worried something with happen to me and my babies won't have their mom. Oh man.

It's hard. I want both procedures soooo bad. There is pretty much barely an hour that goes by that I don't grab the flesh around my belly. Sigh.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading more about what to expect from recovery and hopefully I can get over for feeling incredibly selfish.
Dr. Ken smith

I had a consultation with dr. Smith in May. He was very informative and he definitely seems like "the" guy to go to in town. His facility is beautiful. Although I'm pretty nervous to have surgery done, he seems extraordinarily capable.

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