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So far Dr. Grey has been great! I'm pretty...

So far Dr. Grey has been great! I'm pretty nervous as the procedure is very delicate (involves straightening a nose that has been broken and reducing some of the prominence). He is very experienced and I liked his suggestions. So, fingers crossed! I would like to maintain the same width and tip appearance.

One week post-op and swollen!!!!

The tip of my nose looks bulbous and swollen, but otherwise everything looks good. Hope this goes down!!

Update: Day 8

So far the pain is still pretty bad, but much better. My nose looks okay from the side (not very different), but I really am unhappy with the frontal view. My nose use to be quite narrow, and petite from the front and it looks much wider now. The width makes my mouth look much smaller. I'm really hoping that this is swelling!

Before from the side

10 Days Post, Swelling gone down a bit, less sore

The swelling seems to be getting better on the bridge, though the tip is still pretty far gone. Here is a profile and frontal shot.

Worth it! Only 10 days post and it looks good!

It's so great to have a straight nose, and my breathing is already much better! I'm glad he was very conservative, I definitely didn't end up with a tiny ski jump nose but that's not what I wanted. While there's still swelling at the tip, I like what I see so far!

Added bonus: I've noticed that my chin looks a lot stronger in the profile view now that some of the projection was reduced from my nose!

Profile 10 days post

Sorry, other profile shot blurry

Profile shot 10 days post

Sorry, other one blurry

Frontal 10 days post, in one day swelling has gone down!

Before any work and before breaking my nose

Would love to have it look like this again from the front when the swelling goes down but worried the base is wider now. Oh well!

Still lots of pain and numbness

It's day 11 and there is still tons of pain and numbness, hopefully that's an indication that it's still swollen

2 weeks, swelling NOT going down

Worried that my nose is just wide now. Trying to stay positive about it, but stressing a bit.

2 weeks

still swollen

Swelling finally going down and exercising!

My nose is no longer tender, got the go ahead to exercise, and the swelling seems to be dissipating!

18 days post, swelling down!

Wishing I went smaller

Really wanted a cute side profile, worry that I was too conservative

Wish I'd gone smaller

I'd really hoped for a cute side profile, but my nose is still so prominent

Well, think my nose is a bit widder now but getting use to it

The deviated septum is corrected, and my nose is very straight. But it still seems wide at the base and I don't think it's all swelling. I knew this was a risk factor going in. I'm getting use to it as I don't want to go through another rhinoplasty, but I miss my old nose straight on.



Terrible decision

I look much worse. It's not swelling, my nostrils flare out more now. I can't believe I went through with this. To those with decent noses on the fence, don't mess with nature.

One month update

No difference in terms of swelling for the past two weeks

Swelling is starting to go down

Still sore

Profile Update

Feeling much better about this decision!

My breathing is SO GOOD now! And the swelling has subsided. Taking me time to get used to this new nose; it's smaller and cuter but less narrow. But all in all, I'm happy I did this.

The soreness has lasted a while and it's still a bit numb, but I'm back to wearing sunglasses now.

Working out has been fine, I've been at the gym and hiking since three weeks post. Might have prolonged the swelling a bit though.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Grey. He's an artist! And not nearly as expensive as some of the other surgeons.
Victoria Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grey has been very professional, friendly, and patient with me. He met me a second time for free to go into more detail about the procedure, and for that I'm very grateful.

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