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I had botox injected in between my brows almost 5...

I had botox injected in between my brows almost 5 months ago for the vertical frown lines I was beginning to develop. The proceedure was not painful, and the only thing I felt was a slight prick as the needle went in. I had 20 units injected. The doctor told me not to rub the area for 24 (or it could have been 8???) hours afterwards and to move my brows as much as possible for the few hours after the injections (frowning, raising brows etc.) I didn't notice any change for the first 2 days or so and I was a little disappointed, then slowly the area began to lose the ability to move and I was SO pleased! The results were really good and my forehead became really smooth even when I try to frown. It gives a fantastic serene look and an added bonus was that I got a slight brow lift as a side effect! I noticed that the outer halves of my brows, from the arch to the end closest to the ear, were lifted slightly, and when I queried this with my doctor he told me that it was a side effect because when certain muscles are "paralysed" others tend to take over, which is how my brows were slightly lifted. The effects began to wear off after 3 months, but at almost 5 months there is still some effect because while I am able to frown now, I still can't make a proper full frown. I am very happy with the results and I will be having it done again within one month.

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