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I got laser vein treatment in November.  I'm...

I got laser vein treatment in November.  I'm 26 years old and had noticed some spider veins on the back of my thighs. I also had some bright blue veins appear on my face. They were at the side of my forehead and I had a deep one showing right at the top of my forehead. You're going to feel some pain. The laser treatment feels like VERY sharp stinging sensations, but goes away instantly. I would definitely wait to get this procedure done in the fall when your done wearing shorts. You need a while before the bruising goes away. Most of the bruising on my legs went away within a month or two. I had a couple of stubborn veins that bruised up worse than the others and they are still bruised up 3 months later. It's finally starting to fade. 

I was nervous to get the veins on my face done because they told me I would get dark, purple bruises and it would look pretty bad. I went ahead with it anyways and am very glad I did. I had absolutely no bruising on my face. A couple of the veins were puffy looking for the rest of the day, but that's it. My whole forehead is completely clear. I don't know how I got lucky enough not to bruise on my face.  The laser hurts A LOT on hard areas like the forehead so be prepared.

Some of the spots were sore for a few days, but some Tylenol took care of that. I am extremely happy with my results. Any pain I felt was definitely worth it. Take a pain reliever beforehand. There are risks involved with this treatment like some skin discoloration, but I haven't had any problems.

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They were friendly and helpful. All of the risks were explained to me. They took time to make sure it would be safe to perform laser surgery on certain areas of my face. Had me come in at a later date (free of charge) to make sure the areas I had laser performed looked okay and did a couple of touch ups on any veins that needed another treatment.

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