Coolsculpting Mom of 2

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Well since my tummy tuck didn't work it , I still...

Well since my tummy tuck didn't work it , I still want to do something for progress. Inquired yesterday and go next week for a consultation. Hopefully I can get my first treatment there. I'll kept y'all posted right away on things. I had a terrible experience with getting a tummy tuck (you can read about it in my other review)

In treatment now

Well the first 3 minutes hurt. Now I don't even feel it and I'm almost done. I'm currently getting lower and upper abdomen . I still have the other side to do. Can't wait for results. The place I'm out gives me 2 area free since I bought 4 areas. So I will come back and get my flanks done next. I have a vacation coming up at the end of May so I'm hoping 2 months and 2 treatments will have me ready!

1 week later

Day of vs one week later

Day of black pants one week later pants

Not 2 weeks but see it

2 weeks today

No pain and can't believe I see results just at 2 weeks!! Can't wait because I hear it gets so noticeable at 1 month .

Before and 16 days later

Just trying to keep you guys updated. I hate non updated post lol

3 weeks

Yay changes and the results are about to get better

Side view

1 month later

I'm pleased so far but not sure I'm doing a second treatment. It's a lot of money .

Not happy

Well it's been 6 weeks I think and I've demanded a refund. They said I needed another treatment but I'm bigger than I was before I started. My entire body is super uneven and I feel super uncomfortable. They gave me my money back.
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