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My problem was crepey eyes (upper and lower...

My problem was crepey eyes (upper and lower eyelids). I ended up getting Total FX and here are my results:

1. Did it improve my overall skin tone? Yes. Dramatically. I now have the most beautiful and clear skin.

2. Did it improve my original problem? No. Not at all. For the first 2 months I was ecstatic. My eyes looked incredible... due to mild post swelling. I looked 20yrs younger. Well, as the swelling slowly disappeared, my eyes went RIGHT back to the way they used to look. There was absolutely no difference in my crepey upper and eyelids at all.

Great skin. Yes. But this procedure did not help the lax skin around my eyes at all, and I'm in my 30's and they are not terrible, just mildly crepey.

The doctor offered to repeat the process, which I very much appreciated. I chose not to. It was quite a lot of pain to have my eyes caked over and sore during recovery.

It's tough to say if I'd recommend the procedure. To improve your overall skin tone, get rid of acne scars, and have a nice glow... yes, I would recommend it. But if you want to improve eye wrinkes. No, not at all.

Colorado Center for Photomedicine

This is a tough one. The doctor was fine, but the procedure didn't work in terms of the recommended procedure for what I was looking for.

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