Wrinkling of Lower Eyelids After an UPPER Blepharoplasty?? - Ventura, CA

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It was a deep, aggressive upper bleph. Just wanted...

It was a deep, aggressive upper bleph. Just wanted a younger, refreshed look. I didn't look bad, actually always looked younger for my age as people were always surprised I wasn't in my early 40's! But am not willing to age if I don't have to. I am 51.

Now the lower skin around my eyes has very deep wrinkles when I smile making me look 15 years older. I didn't have these before.

Please tell me this will go away soon -- it's embarrassing to look so bad after a procedure that is to make you look younger, especially when you have to go to work and be around hundreds of colleagues. Not one person has said it looks good. Losing my confidence.

Can you have severe lower eyelid wrinkling after only having an upper blepharoplasty? two weeks ago.

Hi It's now 1-2011 and I must say there are no...

Hi It's now 1-2011 and I must say there are no second thoughts on having my procedure done. It was so worth it I had a mini facelift as well. I will post a picture, but for me... only for me, it was well worth the pain and discomfort. Alls well that ends well.

I don't think it is doctor that caused this issue with my eyes. She did a wonderful breast reduction on me 4 mths ago and I have the most perfect perky breasts! The eyes -- maybe I tried too much...

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