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I originally signed up for Amerismooth which was...

I originally signed up for Amerismooth which was considered to be the same as Velasmooth. I purchased a 10 pack on front, side, back and buttocks (my entire legs). I went weekly, worked out, ate healthy for the most part. I was losing weight but the cellulite did not go away or even improve. After 8 treatments, I was so disappointed that I traded them in, spent more money for laser hair removal. I complained and they decided to let me try Velashape for free (4 treatments). At this time I was 125 pounds, body weight went from 38% to 25% but still had cellulite. I was very excited to try the treatments - well guess what - STILL DIDN'T WORK. Let me just tell you as a stay at home mom I felt horrible that I spent this money on something that never worked and I did my part by dieting and exercising. I would hope that whoever tries it, it works for them but I still have cellulite all over my legs and I will not spend one more dime on this treatments/creams, etc...Oh & did I mention don't ever splurge, or you will have to purchase additional treatments. Just love who you are and enjoy your body.


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