Velashape Not Only Didn't Reduce Cellulite, It Caused Me to GAIN Inches

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I'm 24 years old and although I'm super skinny...

I'm 24 years old and although I'm super skinny (5"4, 108 lbs), I have cellulite and have tried everything. I used to get regular endermologie treatments which were brilliant, they worked so well, and kept my skin tight and firm, but required weekly maintenance which was getting expensive. So when I supposedly "won" $300 in a contest for {edited - provider information is located above the review for registered users} and I went down there, they told me about this exciting procedure that would totally eliminate my cellulite for 6 months-1 year! I would lose inches as soon as I got off the table! The treatment would stimulate collagen production and make my skin tighter!

Then they told me that unfortunately, the $300 I won was valid for everything BUT Velashape, but I could get financing and pay $1,700 for 4 treatments. I STUPIDLY went ahead with it. Not only did I not see any improvement whatsoever in my cellulite after 4 treatments, I GAINED 1.5 INCHES ON MY THIGHS, and my cellulite actually worsened because of the additional inches. I now have fat I have never had before on the inside of my thighs. Never in 24 years have I ever looked at my thighs and thought they looked big before this treatment.

They told me they had never had a case like mine, that everyone before me had had great results and had been really satisfied, and they didn't understand why it just wasn't working on me.

I can't believe I did that to myself-I've been at the gym daily for a month trying to get rid of those extra inches but they just won't budge. Never mind the cellulite!!!

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin tone, cellulite, stretch marks, I have one recommendation-ENDERMOLOGIE. Stay away from {edited} and don't let them touch you with that Velashape machine.

I did endermologie for 2 years and I can tell you, there is nothing like it in terms of tightening and firming your butt and thighs. I'm going to go back as soon as I've paid off the remainder of my Velashape financing (9 months to go!)

American Laser Center on Hyde Street

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