Velashape Didn't Weather the Storm....

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I am in my mid thirties and am reasonably good...

I am in my mid thirties and am reasonably good shape (18% Body Fat). I work out consistently but still have some unfortunate 'hail damage'. I went to a WONDERFUL place to have Velashape performed.

I was actually one of the first patients to be able to use the new technology in this particular office. The treatments were $300 each. I did the first one, which felt like a deep tissue massage with an occasional pinch. I went back for the second treatment and was told that if I agreed to be a 'before and after' for them, I could have the remainder of my treatments for free. (How lucky am I??? Told you they were wonderful!!) Of course, I agreed.

They took 'before' pictures and measurements and we did the full recommended treatment number of 6. I was careful to eat healthy and exercise at least an hour a day 5 days per week, which was my usual before the treatments.

At the end of the 6 sessions, I was weighed and measured again and they took  my 'after' pictures. Believe it or not, there was absolutely NO change. We couldn't believe it!! The Dr. informed me that there are approximately 5-10% of people who not respond to the treatment. I was one of them.

My recommendation is to save your money and just do the best you can with what you have. You'll be happier and have more money in the bank!

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The staff is second to none. They really were personable and terrific.

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