Not Seeing Results

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The nurse here said that she only uses saline,...

The nurse here said that she only uses saline, because the others cause staining that may be permanent. I've researched other vein centers in Nashville on line that say they use other solutions.

I just don't want to keep paying $200 per treatment at my dermatoligists office if i'm not going to see results. I'm thinking I may need to go to an actual vein center that only deals with the health and treatment of veins.

I've dealt with spider veins since I was 17, i'm 31 now. I've always been within my ideal weight, i'm active and eat healthy. I know how hereditary they are, my mother has them pretty bad. Plus i've always had careers that forced me to stand for long hours, waitress, surgical tech.

I just want the best option to make these veins go away, especially before my wedding in September.

I had Sclerotherapy done 3 years ago in FL and the results were wonderful, very noticeable within weeks, continued to get better throughout the 4 procedures I had.

Six weeks ago, I had it done again in Nashville. After 6 weeks, I can't tell any change, actually I only notice the new veins. I don't know which solution was used in FL, but she called it a soapy solution. The clinic here used saline. In your opinion which works best and is better for you to use?

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