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I had vaser done last Wednesday and now, almost a...

I had vaser done last Wednesday and now, almost a week later I feel very good. The results are good although I think we didn't quite understand each other with the surgeon. It's only been a week so I won't start fretting just yet, especially that it does look good- I just wanted a slightly different goal achieved.

What I'm absolutely freaking out about now though is a link I've stumbled upon claiming that liposuction has caused a very significant SLOW DOWN in the metabolism of a very large group of people. As if the body is trying to compensate the drastic and artificial loss of fat in slowing the metabolic rate and clinging on to every calorie that has been consumed. My friend had lipo 4 months ago and she also can't stop fretting about how she suddenly can't maintain her weight although her lifestyle and eating habits are exactly the same

If this is the case, I will be horrified because I don't have the means to exercise more or eat better than I have before the surgery.

Is there anyone who had VASER done a considerable amount of time ago and who could share the long term experience? I'm just hoping that vaser doesn't cause this 'effect' as much as traditional liposuction.

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