vaser lipo def. worth it so far

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I got vaser lipo yesterday on my abdomen, hips,...

I got vaser lipo yesterday on my abdomen, hips, and love handles for $5000 + $60 for my compression garment and $20 for all the medications. I was quite nervous but I went in and got my before photos taken, picked a movie, took a cocktail of pills they gave me, and was given a blanket and was left to watch the movie while the pills kicked in. I fell asleep and remember being woken up to go to the surgery room. I don't remember being marked or anything. The lidocain shots were less painful than a bee sting and honestly didn't hurt one bit. The surgery itself wasn't completely painless because I could feel it moving in me and it was uncomfortable but not painful. However, there were 3 times that I screamed "ow." The doctor though was great he constantly asked if I was having pain and for the most part I wasn't. Actually, during the surgery I fell asleep and started snoring so obviously it wasn't that bad. I don't remember much really and I was so scared before but would def. do it again.

I now am in my compression garment and have a lot of swelling and bruising in the pubic area but not in terrible pain. I took a peek at my body and was shocked at how little my waist looks already even with swelling and how flat my stomach was, again with the swelling. I put my garment right back on but it def. made me very excited because if I look that much better with swelling, I can't imagine the final outcome.

Overall I would def. recommend the procedure but I will come back and post in a few weeks to let everyone know how the final project looks and will post before an after pictures for anyone interested. I started at 5'8, 180 lbs. so we'll see what I end up at. The doctor says he took my waist down about 6 inches. So exciting.

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He was very concerned with making sure I was in no pain and comfortable. He was very honest from my consultation up until my day of surgery. I was very cold upon entering the surgery room so he made his nurse turn the heater up and put it right next to me so I'd be warm. He was very enthusiastic and supportive both before, during, and since the surgery. His office has called me multiple times to check on me both before and since the surgery. He just made me feel very comfortable and like I was being told the truth. He actually told me he would not do my upper abdomen because it wouldn't be effective. I loved the honesty.

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