Pantoja doll coming soon

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Pantoja doll coming soon

I went on a website that has a list of the current active certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana, that's where I found a couple of them and after picking my top 2 I decided to take a short trip to Tijuana a few months ago with my girl, who also wanted the same procedure as me, we decided Pantoja as the best, his clinic is nice and clean, In a very nice and safe part of Tijuana, and also I liked that his clinic is actually inside a hospital, which I feel safer in case anything. My girl had her procedure back Aug and wow she looks amazing.

Wish pics

I want something natural not too fake,

Current meds before the day :)

I was recommended by Dr. Pantoja to take a pill of iron before the surgery and I'm just taking the b-12 for energy and stuff it won't hurt :)

Here is the before pictures

Sorry the quality of the pics is not the best! One of my biggest reason that I'm getting vaser lipo is because of my Arms!!! I'm very self conscious about my arms and I'm hopping Dr P can get as much as fat as he can from them lol, I'm also wanting fat transfer to my butt but nothing crazy don't want to look too fake!

9 days till sx:)

So I bought the 3packet epifoams on amazon but those are not the ones, Stephanie told me that they have to stick to my skin and the ones that sell on amazon don't so I had to return them, and bought at the website she suggested for like $50 with tax and shipping still not bad compared to the ones the same ones they have at the clinic for $90 bucks :( anyways I weight my self this morning and I weight 157 :) so I have lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks, I want to get to at least 155 by next week on my surgery! So wish me good luck!

Girls please make sure you buy the right ones!!!

So these are the ones we need!! Make sure that the epifoams are the ADHESIVE foam pads, so they can stay on!!! I
Got mines today!! I had to return the other ones I bought on amazon!!

3 more days ????

I'm sooo excited yayyyy

Before pics

I lost a couple of pounds

I'm here

So excited I have to be at doctor P's office at 8:30 am. I had some bomb tacos earlier since I can't eat or drink pass 10pm


Had my blood work done earlier and my ekg, everything came back normal so I'm good to go :)

Room is very nice and clean

Ready to go

Doctor Pantoja office and staff are amazing!! I don't even feel nervous at all I know I'm in good hands, I just had a massage for 30 min just so I can be calm and relax ;)

First pictures

The whole experience was great didn't even realize when I went to sleep, my nurses name was Adrian he was a guy Which was not very nice and caring!! No pain yet except my next and headache and it's from being on my stomach all night I drink water and eat cookies, I vomited one only so not bad!!! Here are the first pic of my butt

Home finally

I'm feeling a lot more pain than yesterday my whole body is super swollen even my face and hands! My butt is super swollen and humongous and I just hope it goes down a lot because I only told the doctor that I wanted a little fat transfer so I'm crossing my fingers, I had been reading a lot and a lot of the girls that have gotten bbls end up losing like 50% of that transfer which I hope it's my case, I have always had neck problems and now it's worse because I have to sleep on my stomach and my necks is hurting so much

More pics

Hey girls sorry I haven't uploaded

Okay so I have not been feeling okay :( been weak and very nauseas I was supposed to be back to work Tuesday but I was not feeling okay so I talked to my boss and told her I would go back tomorrow Thursday instead!! I'm sooo swollen it's ridiculous I had my first massage Monday and my 2nd on Tuesday and omg that was so painful like i cried both times, I'm going back this Saturday so she can remove the drainage and the stitches!! It's been so hard not laying on my butt and sleeping at night it's a torture I wake up several times at night because of neck pain!! At times I cry because I just want this to be over with!! My faja is so tight on me and it burns my skin I tried to keep it all day but I end up
Waking up like at midnight and taking it off because I can't stand the pain, it's very funny because I had a lipo about 4 years ago and the next day I was just fine and I just thought this time it was going to be the same but I was wrong, I'm also very worried that my butt wont go down I was very specific to the doctor that I didn't want a big butt i come to find out that he injected 1100 ccs I heard that only 40-50 percent of fat cells survives and I pray to god it goes down I measured it the other day and it's 44 inches!! I took these pics 4 days ago and now I feel Like more swollen. And like I've gained 15 pounds

10 days later

So I got my stitches and the drainages removed yesterday didn't hurt at all but what really hurts are those lymphatic massages I on my 3rd ohh my god!! I'm still very swollen i can't wait till everything goes down and my butt measures the same 44 inches but it looks smaller! Started to use my epifoams!! No pain at all! still very sore and I hate the burning sensation

Question girl

So today is 13 days since my procedure and I'm noticed that on the lower part of my abdomen my skin is saggy I asked the lady who massages me but she said is normal that my skin should stick back together with time but can't help to be worried ????

New pics

So the swollen is coming down and also my butt has shrunk which I'm happy about because I was worried I was gonna end up with a humongous butt, I'm feeling a little better but not 100 percent it has been a very slowly recovery so ladies plsss be patient it's hard though lol I'm a size small faja and 3 days I ordered my small colombian faja for more support

First time out lol

Not bad to be still very swollen :)

Compression board

Bought this board at for $20 I love it helped me a lot

Hey dolls

Sorry I have been away so long just wanted to wait a little I'm a lot better and the swelling is coming down I'm already on my 10th massage my stomach is little lumpy but I'm hoping it will look better soon. I will continue to just have one lymphatic massage a week for another month!! It gets easier except the fact that it's getting hot and with this faja is no joke I still wear my arm garment not sure how long I should wear! I bought a new colombian faja and I love it!! It's from and it's $135.00 and it has a zipper and I can go number 2 without removing the faja, this faja gives me the compression I need, I don't wear the foams only the compression board

It's been a while

Hello there ladies it's been a while!! Well everything is a lot better I still wear my colombian faja and board slowly but I'm getting there I also have seen a difference on my arms and juts hope they go down!! The pictures below are pretty new pics so please feel free to ask questions! Loved doctor pantoja and I'm actually going back in October for a breast lift/reduction
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