Lipo to inner/outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles

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Lipo to inner/outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles

I had vaser lipo to my legs on Thursday 9 March 2017.

I'm an Australian size 8 on top and 12 on the bottom. After years of strict diet and exercise, I haven't been able to shift the frustrating saddle bags and thick, chafe-ridden thighs, knocking knees and cankles - so I decided to enlist the help of vaser lipo!

After being marked up, I was taken into theatre under twilight sedation. I felt like I was really drunk, and was having the best time laughing and joking with the doctors and nurse! Even though I knew what was going on, there was minimal pain and discomfort. I got up a couple of times so the doctors could check progress, then when they were done, I was put into the compression garment. The surgery was around 3 hours in total. I went in at 10 and after a short recovery I was out by around 3.

Given my research on vaser being a relatively gentler procedure, and the associated minimal pain and discomfort, I was a little surprised the first night. I always think I can do it all, but you really do need someone looking after you that first night and next day if possible!

Day 1: I definitely needed some help that first night, luckily my partner took care of the kids and served me dinner and topped up my water etc. because I was stuck on the lounge and couldn't do a thing!

The leakage was also more than I was expecting - even though I had the garment, and all my incisions taped up with padding, I left a trail of bloody fluid everywhere I walked, so ended up having to walk around with my feet in plastic bags! Whenever I sat on the toilet I left blood. I put plastic backed absorbent sheets and beach towels on the bed, took panadeine and endone and surprisingly had a really good sleep!

Day 2: I was supposed to drop my daughter at daycare, and attend a follow up appointment in the afternoon. I had to get my partner to take my daughter because I still felt too frail. I drove myself to the appointment, which is about 20 minutes away, even though I didn't feel completely up to it. I learnt how to massage my legs and move the fluid to the lymph nodes,which felt nice!

Although I could get around and take care of myself, that day I still needed the panadeine and endone as the swelling and bruising really kicked in.

Day 3: the swelling really peaked and I felt quite stiff and uncomfortable in the compression garment! The pain was a lot more manageable, and I just stuck with panadeine. I'm trying to massage my legs more vigorously each day to speed up the healing process!

Day 4: I can really see a light at the end of the tunnel today - although the bruising continues to develop, the swelling is starting to subside, the pain is minimal (apart from a stinging sensation in the 12 entry wounds). Now I'm getting really excited about the thought of seeing my result! I've bought a nice new dress and heels to wear when my fiancee takes me to the symphony in May :) I'm definitely over wearing the garment already - it too small and doesn't fit properly around my hips. I can't do it up properly. The Dr wanted it super tight around my calves and ankles, so that's why it's a smaller size, I just can't see how I'm going to wear it for another 5 and a half weeks.
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