Vaser Lipo. 30yo. 4 kids. Inner, outer thighs & knees

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*Treatment results may vary

I have posted before shots and I thought I would do after shots in a week or so once more swelling has gone down.

So... My procedure went well. It was mostly bearable with a few painful pressure areas on the knees and inner thighs. I required extra sedation so I threw up quite a lot from the drugs after the procedure and thoughout the evening of. I required a small amount of painkillers as I just felt as though I have ran a huge marathon and did 1000 squats. That kind of pain. At night I felt very light headed and uncomfortable sleep.
I'm now day 2 post op. And although I one it a bit difficult to sit in certain positions. I feel fine. I'm still leaking fluid but I am fine to walk about and look after my little ones, do the washing, up and down the stairs etc.
In terms of the change... I can definitely see a difference in my saddle bags they are gone and inner thighs slightly thinner. Knees I feel like they are the same at this stage bit will surely see more of a difference in a few weeks time. I am wear 2 compression suits which help with the swelling and skin tightening. Will update in a week or so.

It's almost a week post Vaser lipo and I'm…

It's almost a week post Vaser lipo and I'm feeling great. Bruising is quite sever now. However not painful. Still lots of leaking fluid. I am due for a massage To Help with that.
I'm happy so far but hope my thighs go down a lot more. As ive only really lost 3cm in size per leg.

Only 3cm down. Are my expectations realistic?

I'm feeling A little upset this week. The swelling is still not going down. Im not too happy with the results. I feel like my legs are getting biggerbthan last week???? No pain at all. Bruising almost gone. Is this still swelling???
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