Vaser Lipo Abdomen, Flanks, Arms - Boston

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I had been thinking about lipo for a few years but...

I had been thinking about lipo for a few years but never really thought that I would do it. Money, fear of the procedure, hope that the flab would someday disappear...well I finally hit the wall.

After 3 years of watching everything I eat and exercising and stressing I GAVE UP and decided to suction the blubber out. I am 5'4, 127 lbs and here is my story. Decided I would compare smart lipo and vaser, and only chose vaser because I liked the credentials of the surgeon. I had the procedure 2 days ago.

Pros-not like general surgery. Local painkillers and convenience in terms of time- whole procedure took under 2 hours.

Cons- felt like I was part of a money mill- some personalized attention but definitely felt like a body not a person when dealing with staff. Was kept waiting with very little apology or explanation for over 2 hours past my appointment time before my procedure began.

For $7400.00 that is inexcusable.Plus- anxiety level just rises as you are so scared and pumped before it is to begin...then you just sit? With no one telling you when you will be seen? Lots of contradictory info given to me- again not very personalized experience. Surgeon suggests one thing, staff another. confusing and again somewhat anxiety producing. Photos below- so far not much change but I am very swollen and filled with iccky fluids...but my pants fit better already. Can't tell about my arms yet- they look exactly the same.

5 days post lipo- swelling is going down a bit. It...

5 days post lipo- swelling is going down a bit. It is slow though. Compression garments driving me batty! But I am keeping them on 24/7. I can definitely see a difference but it is still subtle.

2 weeks out- abdomen and flanks STILL swollen....

2 weeks out- abdomen and flanks STILL swollen. told this is "normal". I will continue to be patient and wear compression garments. My arms are smaller, though. Did not realize it would take so long to see results. Will happily post pics when (if??) I see some real results.

Sleek Med Spa

Surgeon was competent but sleek med spa felt like a mill of getting people in and out to maximize volume/profit. Not a lot of personal consideration, they ran almost 2 hours late on day of surgery with no heads up or much apology- for the kind of $$ I was spending I would expect better treatment. Staff was frazzled but kind. More of a corporate thing than a staff issue, though office manager or somebody could have apologized for the poor scheduling.

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