Vaser Lipo Combined with Smart Lipo

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This was my second surgery , I had tumescent lipo...

This was my second surgery , I had tumescent lipo 2.5 years ago ,before smart lipo , but my board certified surgeon could not take much fat because he did not have a technique to tighten the skin. Result - disappointed , spend 2.5 hours in surgery , paid $6500 , and 6 months later barely saw a difference.

I decided to go back to another doctor now that I discovered that there is vaser combined with smart lipo that produces the best results.

It has been 3 days after surgery , and I am so excited - I already see results - no knee fat , thinner thighs , love handles gone. The doctor did not gave me pain killers , and I do not need it , only natural healing medicine and antibiotics.

The doctor spend 8 hours on my body to make sure I look good and every area is fixed.

If anyone lives in Miami or Ft Lauderdale , I definitely recommend this doctor .

you can contact me if you want to knowmore about my procedure .

Dr gary chierico

the doctor takes his time to make sure all fat is remove, he does not stop because the limit per area is 1 or 2 hours. He spent 4 hours fixing my knees and thighs to make sure the results are the best

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