First Time Ever Doing a BBL - Miami, FL

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A tad bit nervous. Overall I feel confident about...

A tad bit nervous. Overall I feel confident about who I chose.. I just pray he doesn't make me look like plastic. I already have a nice ass.. My stats are 40 38 45 I just want the mid section gone but I could use a lil bit more roundness.. The only thing that kinda made me wishy washy was the direct deposit stuff didn't sound right .. But it checked out to be the account . Secondly DR. Fisher has a PRIVATE IG. So I had to wait to be excepted to view his work before I decided.. Originally u was gonna go to DR. MIAMI but the customer service SUCKS.. They screen your calls.. Hang up on u, take days to return calls etc.. I end up seeing the special for DR. Fisher, thought it was too good to be true.. Checks out be actually does have experience !.. Now.. The desk people keep in mind they get paid commission so they will say anything.. Originally when the lady called me she told me the price for my bbl was 5300 after waiting a week to be excepted on IG LOL.. I told her I was interested.. She THEN TOLD ME the promotional price ends that day an if I wanna lock it in I have to pay 1000 ... I literally had like 600 to my name til the following week.. She says she couldn't do it ..we hang up.. She calls back about 6 mins later an says I have good news I can take the 6 an u can do four when u get paid.. Also. The room at the extended stay for 7 days an 6 nights is $1500?? That's cool but does anyone know of ANYWHERE ELSE please help .. But that's all I know so far I'm excited just nervous .. I've seen an heard so many people get sick from bbl's I just pray nothing goes wrong

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