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Frustration is a word that comes to mind about...

Frustration is a word that comes to mind about dealing with this process. So, I've been booked to have my surgery for about 4 months now. I paid $2000 down. I've been stalking RealSelf for the right Doctor for about a year. Originally, I wanted to go Dr. Fisher, but he was out of my price range. Then, I changed to Dr. Hasan, but he was MIA in the earlier parts of this year. So, I went with Mcadoo up until I think it was late July or August when I became aware via social media that Mcadoo left Vanity. Now, I was going to go to his new place, but I read reviews and decided not to go. Then, as I was about to cancel my appointment at vanity, I was told that Dr. Hasan was back and I could get him for only $4200 which was perfect. But, I have to lose additional weight. Which was only 10-15 pounds extra from what I had to lose to go to Mcadoo. Anyways, everything was going fine up until my sister told me that she couldn't stay the entire week with me in Miami because her job wouldn't let her off that long. Omg, that destroyed everything for me. I'm traveling from Hawaii so I wanted to stay at least a week. But, she could only stay up to 4 days after my surgery and I'm scared to fly back home to early. So, my husband was going to take leave (he's in the military) and stay with me for the extra days. But, that's was after he told me to change my date from December 14 to mid-January. Then, he realized he wouldn't be able to take leave. So, I tried to move it back to December, but when I tried to move the date was taken and so was all of December. Here's where the frustration began. So, now I have to stick with mid-January, but I don't have anyone to travel with me. Do you guys know of any really good recovery houses?

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