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Hello everyone I am 23 from New York and I have...

Hello everyone I am 23 from New York and I have decided to stop being a scared cat and to got get myself a bbl I am 5'6 224 lbs and I have a good foundation already but even with working out I can not gain the hips and small waist like I want my friends don't really seem to interested in supporting me so I came here to gain support because I love the support you ladies give each other. Anyways I had a hard decision on who to choose between dr ghurani and dr Hassan they both give a sexy but natural look with a tight waist that I want buttttttt they both want me to lose atleast a minimum of 30 lbs before I can get my surgery talking to a coordinator at spectrum she told me that I could go with dr Ortega butttttttt I'm not try and have a regular waist that I can achieve by working out from the work I seen of his he doesn't do aggressive look soooooo I finally chose Hasan soooooooooooooo FOLLOW ME ON THIS JOURNEY TO ? greatness

Before sx

Idk why my picture didn't upload but these are befores everyone keeps telling me I should just work out and lose the weight but I know how I want to look at working out won't do it

Wish pics

I love her bodyyy this is EXACTLY how I want to look

Date of sx

I don't know what date to do I know it has to been late June 2017 because I drive school buses and that's when I have my summer break but I wanna make sure I give myself enough time to heal seeing that I will be sitting. Back on my bottom back in September wonder if two months is a long enough time ????
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