Surgery With Dr.Fisher on September 11, 2014 So Excited! - Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies I'm new to the forum, and I am very...

Hello Ladies

I'm new to the forum, and I am very excited I'm having surgery on September 11th 2014 which is in 2 days!!!!!! I am so excited and scared, even though I have had surgery before but I still get scared like it where the first time....anyway I had a Tummy tuck and Liposuction and BBL about 4 years ago, but unfortunately the doctor didn't give my body any shape at all, left me with a squared shape plus he made one butt cheek & one of my thighs bigger than the other.

I wanted Dr. Fisher to redo my thighs and butt and also give me a little more volume on my butt/hips and give my body more of an hourglass shape, my body is so squared that I am not sure if getting an hourglass shape is even possible. But I am trusting Fisher will do the best he can to give me the shape I dream of...

Was Supposed to have Surgery With Dr. Bass Because of my weight But Switched to Fisher

When I first called Vanity I was initially told that only Dr. Bass would do surgery on me due to my weight, 5'3 193 pounds but I insisted on meeting with Dr Fisher, I was told that Dr. Fisher will probably have me lose 13pds because I was over the BMI. But I insisted on meeting with him regardless just to get his opinion. And I am so glad I did! Dr. Fisher was so Down to earth and Funny, a really Genuinely Nice guy, a Total Sweetheart! And surprisingly he didn't turn me down he said that I didn't have to lose any weight because I didn't have too much fat on my body to begin with, that even though I was over the BMI he could still do my surgery YAY! I was thrilled! Goes to show always go by your gut instinct I just didn't feel right with having Dr. Bass do my surgery, Especially after reading the reviews about him on this site. I did have to pay $1000 more for Fisher to do my surgery but it was worth it to me, since I feel so comfortable with him. My original surgery date was for September 20th but Thanks to Jessica she scheduled me in for September 11th! Yay!

Finally Got all my Supplies! I'm ready to GOOOOOOOOOOO!

This is what I am taking with me, I am going to stay only for the first day at Marian's Recovery house, I only live 45 min away so I am staying there so that I can go for my follow up the next day and not have to drive back.

Vedette garment model #944 in sz 2x got on ebay for $60 same one vanity uses
Abdominal board got on ebay for $16
3 Abdominal foams bought online at contemporary design inc. $32 inc shipping
Chin compression strap- for my jawline liposuction
chux pads
velcro bath cover up
anti itch spray (usually my body always itches after lipo)
blood pressure machine to check my blood pressure at home after surgery
back scratcher ( my back itches so much after lipo)
Arnica gel
triple antibiotic ointment
Anti-Bacterial Soap
Pineapple Juice ( to help with swelling after surgery)
cough drops ( for after the surgery since your throat is so dry)

Love these velcro bath robes!

Love these velcro robes they are so comfy and easy on/off! my favorite item when I have surgeries.

Also Having Lipo On thighs. Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention That I am also having lipo on my thighs,
The price $6000 was for the following:

12 areas of Lipo
Thigh Lipo
Chin/Jawline lipo

Can't beat this price especially with an awesome doctor like Dr. Fisher!

For Those Emailing me about the Prices I paid here it goes

when I called they had a special going on, 12 areas of lipo for $4500 inc BBL, plus $750 thigh lipo and $750 chin/jawline lipo... total $6000 with Dr Bass it was going to be $5000 but I chose to Pay the extra $1000 have fisher do my surgery, immediately I put $2500 down payment in order to lock that price... I know that their prices do change and if they are not running a special for the surgery you want to get it can be a little more, but regardless they are wayyyy cheaper than many other places I have gone to for a consult..


surgery will be at 2pm tomorrow, I will arrive at 10 am because I am getting the medical clearance done at vanity before my surgery by a doctor at the clinic...bloodwork, ekg were done last time I was there, and all were fine...butwill be reviewed by a doctor so I be cleared for surgery.

I'm at VANITY!!! Please Pray for me!!

Hey ladies I'm at VANITY now just arrived 3 more hours for my surgery!! Gosh I'm nervous, please pray for me!! :-)


This place is packed, Been here for3 hrs waiting for the medical clearance...not sure why they told me to come this early, the girl that was scheduled for surgery with dr fisher for 11:30 was just called back @ 12:30, so I don't think my surgery will start at 2, I'm getting more and more nervous by the second!!!

my coordinator Jessica is AWESOME! plus she looks AMAZING!!

Jessica is awesome!! She's really been EXTREMELY helpful in this process! :-) I texted Jessica and let her know that I had been waiting for such a long time, and she called the manager and they got me to the back right away..YaY for Jessica!! She looks great too look at that Badonkadonk!!!


Girls I'm really sick I can't really tour much been very dizzy but didn't want u guys to be waiting t here are a few pics


Please pray for me I'm alone in the emergency room, they told me I was anemic I'm just hoping they do a void transfusion soon my heart rate had been in the 150;s all day, blood pressure had been crazy will let you guys know full details soon wish I never had this done


Hey girls sorry for not updating but I was admitted to the hospital been here for two days now, my vital signs were irratic, my heart rate was into the 150 and my blood pressure was high, my hemoglobin was low so I was told I needed a blood transfusion, I'm alone on the hospital hopefully tomorrow marian will bring me my cell phone charger as I'm relying on a nurse to lend me hers when she's here so I haven't really been able to fully charge my phone and give you guys full details, also haven't been able to respond to your messages either but THANK YOU so much for your prayers!


By the way forgot to mention that before going to the Er I went for my check up at vanity the next day after surgery, and they were very concerned about my vitals and gave me an iv and two bags of fluids, told me to go to the ER if I still get sick, they were very nice and we're so worried about me, no matter how crazy vanity may be at times, the nurses there are sweethearts...


Hey girls marions husband brought me my stuff so I have my phone charger so now I can give you guys more updates, but first I just want to THANK each and every one of you that has prayed and worried about me,I don't know what I would've done without you guys support! I would come in here just to read the messages since I didn't have a lot of charge on my phone to respond, and even if I would've had charge I had no strength this has been very difficult thing for me to go through especially being completely alone in a hospital for three days, and feeling as sick as I have been, but God has pulled me through this and I won't ever do this again! but honestly reading your messages really helped me so much I don't what I would've done I never met such a great group of people MAY GOD BLESS YOU GUYS! I will post pics as soon as I can


Hey girls, I'm feeling so much better after the blood transfusion and fluids, university of Miami hospital is AWESOME, even though I have been alone here they have treated me so well, between that and all your prayers. my blood pressure and pulse are finally normal!!! I also pooped finally lol so embarrassed cause the nurse had to wipe my ginormous butt since I couldn't reach it lol, I might leave today But they have to check my blood work first...


Hey girls, I was just told that they are STILL waiting for Dr Fisher to get in touch with the hospital, YES still 4 days later no-one has called! As soon as I walked in the ER I called vanity but you can only leave a message since they dont not have an answering service, so I texted Jessica and she texts me later on and told me that she would contact Dr Fisher and have him call the hospital and call me as well, guess what?? Nothing was done according to the hospital who wanted to speak to Fisher because after the transfusion I lost some blood and they were concerned about it and wanted to speak to my surgeon, and they also wanted my previous lab work to compared the current ones, but as I have been told none has contacted or responded to then..Anyway I was WRONG about Jessica thought she was nice, but she's a fake! They got my money and apparently that's all they wanted! That's why she was in a rush the day that I was going to get surgery cause I was so mad asi the craziness in that office that I was going to walk out...I've texted her twice since Saturday asking her why the doctor hasn't called the hospital and I get no response . UNREAL!


Hey girls Jessica just called me right now!! I explained to her how I did not like the way they handled my situation, of course the blame game, as usual She says no-one ever called them from the hospital bla bla bla!! I asked her why Fisher hasn't called me and she says she didn't know. That she was going to talk to him since he's almost done with surgery...I asked her why in the invoice that I signed it says that included would be an emergency phone number that where is that number listed, guess what she says it's the clinic number where you can only leave a message! I said how can that be an emergency number when you don't even have an answering service. Duh! She said that she would have to speak to her manager because she does not work in that what a joke I tell you.


Omg girls when the nurse came first thing this morning I was kind of groggy but she came in again and we talked she asked me who did my surgery when I told her it was Dr Fisher she got so excited she said she has to work for him at Coral Gables plastic surgery, she told me that he is the very best! She only had nice things to say about him she absolutely loves him!! she found it odd that he hasn't called she said that he probably wasn't told that I was really good and the best part was that she showed me how to close the drain properly because I wasn't squeezing it before closing it, are they never showed me, she also put my Garment on! Such a sweetheart! she told me to leave it on so that I won't be so swollen cuz right now I'm really really swollen. I might take a few more pictures later on to show u the way the a tech that works here decided to go to Fisher after seeing my before pics! She's so excited, she comes in here every chance she gets to talk about it lol

sorry about typos

Sorry about my last post, when I get tired of typing on my phone I use voice to text, and it messed up my, anyway I was trying to say that the nurse who's name is Dunia worked with Fisher for a long time and she only said good things about him..I'm so gladito hear that he has such a great reputation.


Hey ladies, nurse just came in and told me that the hemoglobin went up to an so I can leave!! Yay!!!

SO SWOLLEN WENT FROM 193 to 205 lol

Hey guys I'm sooooooo swollen I had forgotten to mention that I was 193 and when the hospital weighed me I was 205!! Yikes I'm retaining alot of fluids, but when the swelling goes down I will lose those 12pds, plus about 6 more from the surgery, I had lipo before and the same thing happened, plus after all those iv fluids I don't know how much I weigh now and Iv don't dare step on the scale lol!! Funny thing cause when my bf picked nee up he said Damn I dropped you off skinny and I'm picking up a suma wrestler!! Needed to say I skied three shit out of him lol I warned him not to expect a super model at least not for a few months lol


Im blown up like a balloon! So what you see note will not be my final results, I already know that from last surgeries, I was told by a nurse once that right after surgery is where you see how your gonna look later on because the tissues are not as swollen, so I don't get upset over how weird and ugly my butt and body looks lol


Hey ladies I'm here at my consult with Dr Fisher, I truly love this guy he is such a caring and awesome doctor he was so concerned about everything that happened to me, he apologized to me, even though I know it was not his fault. He's a very sweet man and even though I have been through so much I don't regret coming to him! And that says alot cause Lord knows what I have been though..I just had my drains and stitches removed now I'm going to start the massages..he did say he couldn't doymy chin this time, but that it can be done with local anesthesia later on so that's cool..he told me he got alot more fat out of me than he thought he could get! Yay can't wait till that booty fluffs up!


To tell you the truth girls, I didn't want to write this right now because I am still sick, weak and also fighting a cold as well, and to write this I had to relive this whole experience again, and it wasn't easy, it got me sick to my stomach as its one of the most traumatic things I have ever been through in my life , but GOD loves me and Thanks to him I am still here...

I stayed with Marian Due to the reviews I saw online which later I noticed her reviews are based off her massage clinic NOT the recovery home, also I read on real self that her fees were cheaper than vanity recovery home. So I decided to choose her BIG MISTAKE! Anyway when I first spoke to her, she told me she had everything in place for the recovery house that she has all these certificates that she is very professional, speaks a million languages and blah blah blah! That she is not like vanity, she only uses certified caretakers or Nurses/Nursing Students.

When I was picked up from Vanity her husband showed up with an Elderly Lady when I got to the house Marian told me that this lady would be my caregiver, I was fine because I thought this lady was a Trained caregiver NOT! Later on I find out that This lady was basically an Acquaintance of Marian's who had absolutely no experience, and who Marian called in to help her because Barbie's (nursing student) had canceled out on her due to her child being sick. Later on I find out that This Lady was NOT a trained caregiver. Marian called this lady last minute and asked her if she could do her a favor and stay overnight with me to accompany me while I slept off the anesthesia. I guess after surgery most girls just sleep for hours, so Marian thought that would be the case with me as well...she NEVER anticipated things could turn out differently, aside from that Marian put me through hell while I was sick, I think back and I don't know how I made it out alive out of that house of horror( I included the details in my story)

I remember The lady pacing back and forth asking me if I was ok, she knew I was really sick but she didn't k now what to do, as she is not used to taking care of patients after surgery so she didn't know if it was normal reaction, because she was never trained. she just looked really scared and lost. That was when she admitted to me that she was not an employee of Marian that she was just asked to to stay the night to accompany me while I slept off the anesthesia
She even told me that when I arrived from vanity I had some sort of seizure and that I was moaning, and they just put me in bed.

No one checked my blood pressure that night because if they would they would have known I was really ill since I didn't feel right the whole night with my pulse/blood pressure. Marian had a blood pressure machine in the house but she didn't even bother to even check it that night, as she just didn't care. I could have died in there because no one knew how serious my condition truly was. I was shocked because Marian brags CONSTANTLY about how perfect she runs her business compared to Vanity, and that she only uses either certified caregivers or nurses/nursing students, I thought she would have a trained caregiver to help me since that is what we paid for

At one Point when I wanted to pee the Elderly lady who was 64 years old could not even help me go to the bathroom because she just didn't have the strength, and was afraid I would fall, she told me that that she has never done this before, That she was never trained for any of this.. I tried to use all my strength to get on all fours so the lady could put a cup underneath me to pee, which was so hard to do because aside from the pain from surgery I had no strength from all the blood I had lost and was sooo weak and shaky. And my heart was running away. Needless to say So the pee went all over the place because I could barely hold myself up.

the next day Marian's Husband took me for the follow up to vanity and there they called Dr.Fisher and I
been given intravenous fluids due to my pulse being very high and blood pressure was irregular, and I was told to go to the hospital if my condition worsened..

anyway when I arrived back at Marians the lady tried to take off my garment to bathe me because I was so dirty from blood/pee/throw up the lady told me I am so sorry But I have no idea how to remove this garment, I have never done this before, anyway she went to ask Marian for help, and Marian walked past her and just plain ignored her and went in to the bathroom, obviously she wanted nothing to do with any of this.... the lady came back and told me that she would do her best and try to remove it, I was laying on my stomach and I could barely move, anyway the lady pulled my garment in the area of the drain and it hurt like heck! She got so scared and went again to get Marian and at this point Marian was pissed, when she came over and I asked her to please help this lady, because she didn't not know how to remove the garment nor did she have the strength to do it on her own.. and that the lady couldn't bathe me nor barely help me pee, This woman went BALLASTIC! she literally started yelling at me and told me that when she got home from work that she didn't want anything to do with ASSES,TITS & GIRDLES , and that the lady could do it on her own because she knew how!

We were both in shock at her reaction and at that point enough was enough I had I wasn't gonna put up with such abuse, with the little strength I had I told her how dare you scream at me when I am so helpless I paid your services because I knew I couldn't do any of this on my own, and you didn't even provide a trained caregiver there to help me with what I needed, I told her that I could not believe that she could conduct herself in such an "UNPROFESSIONAL" Manner, instead she continued with her rant and said that the lady was trained before hand NOT and that regarding bathing, that they only help patients bathe as a COURTESY that they don't have to do that,from what I understand I basically just paid for someone to be in the same room as me and watch me sleep! Aghh but of course from what I read on her website This is what it says that they help you with in the recovery home: Help patient by supporting daily living needs. Personal care, assisting with bathing, with toileting, shampooing.

Anyway after all this I was sooo agitated and I felt sicker and could barely stand up and was shaking, This poor elderly lady was scared and in shock over everything that was going down, she didn't expect any of this to happen, and she was scared that if anything happened to me and she would be involved, she just kept telling me to please calm down, but how could I calm down when this woman who we paid to make sure I was safe, had no regard for my well being, and acted in such a disrespectful way and just didn't care! The worst part is that She knew I was sick because I was at vanity for hours getting iv fluids and she knew my condition was bad! I

At that point I was sweating heavily and I said I NEED to go to be taken to the hospital right away because if I felt very sick, and Marians response to me was well I cant take you because I'm going to bed and I'm not going to wake my husband as he's very tired. YES girls she actually told me that! I really could not believe any of this shit could be happening to me, at that point I literally begged the lady and said Please take me to the hospital because I am afraid if you go home and leave me here I might be left to die! I said I will pay you but please take me, the lady agreed to take me, and told me that I didn't have to pay her, right there Marian interrupted her and said OH Yes you have to pay me for my services if she takes you to the hospital because she is my employee! (remember this lady is not employed by her)

At that Point I looked at her and said if you Believe in GOD you should know that you will one day pay for what you have done to me and she screamed back at me and said I don't believe in God I am an ATHEIST! I said don't care if your Atheist or whatever religion you choose to be, but you have no right to treat any human being in this manner, especially in the condition I was in.

Thank God The lady took me to the hospital, and when we arrived at the hospital and blood pressure was high and my pulse was at 157 , and this was 20 minutes after all this nightmare happened, when I was already calm, so I can imagine how it was at the time when all this chaos with Marian was going on, anyway needless to say I was taken back quickly and admitted to the Cardiac Floor a few hours later, of course the aggravation I went through with Marian helped get me in worst shape than I was in to begin with. I can honestly say that GOD loves me he saved my life, I don't know how I did not end up with a heart attack with all I went through at that house. But When I was admitted to the hospital it was a safe haven for me because even though I was alone but at least I was out of MARIANS HOUSE OF HORROR!

At the Hospital I was in Univ Of Miami, everyone treated me so well, I didn't feel alone, the nurses were sweethearts, one of the girls even exchanged phone numbers as she wants to go to Dr Fisher. the only bad thing was I was also at the hospital without my phone charger it was left at Marian's so I couldn't make long distance calls, I had to borrow a charger from a nurse, I called Marian and asked if they can bring me the charger since she only lives 15 min away,and she said she would but never came. Sunday I called again to ask if she was going to bring it, her response was your only paid until tomorrow (Monday 10am) so I need your entire bag out of here , Heartless again, but at this point I was not shocked... I told her that when I was discharged from the hospital I would stop by and pick it up , but that I didn't know when I was going to get out.... needless to say thank God Her husband who is actually a very nice man, showed up and brought it over. You can tell that he felt very bad about everything that happened.

Anyway Marian was supposed to return $50 for a massage that I paid for and did not get and she said she would return it by Sunday morning via Paypal, on Monday I texted her to make sure she didn't forget to return it, and that's when I get a text message from barbie who is her assistant. And she tells me that refunds are given in order and that I wasn't the only refund she had to give and that she can refund it on my boyfriends Paypal instead of mine and that it would be faster I don't see how that makes any sense...but whatever.... at that point I was home and had been talking to family about what happened to me and everyone was shocked and told me that she shouldn’t have charged me a dime after putting my life in danger, and plus the fact I paid her for extra 3 days which I didn't even use as I spent those days at the hospital.

At that point I wrote her a text message letting her know that I expect a full refund from her, because of how she had put my life in danger and aggravated my condition by mistreating me, and neglecting me by not taking me to the hospital.
a little while later she calls me and leaves a voice mail and this is where it gets good...She Told me I DIDN'T PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER YOU DID BY HAVING PLASTIC SURGERY!” and bunch of more other crap and she also tells me to call her back ...HELL No was I going to put myself through more stress by talking to I wrote her an email and told her that what I choose to do with my life is none of your concern. However she took on responsibility of my care when her company was hired to provide caretaker services for me, and she did the complete opposite as she mistreated me knowing the delicate state I was in. and that if she had anything to say to me that it would be limited to text or email, anyway I never got a response from her, my boyfriend called/texted her to check and see if she was going to return the money, no answer so we just decided to do a Paypal claim to see if we get something back, out of all the money I lost.

She might be good at giving massages at her clinic but when you stay at her house and an emergency situation like this arises she basically washes her hands,If Marian Had any sense of responsibility she would have STEPPED UP and resolved the issue instead of causing such unnecessary chaos... she never NOT once out of compassion came to check on me at the hospital , or even brought my charger which she knew I needed. knowing that I was alone in the area and that my boyfriend had trusted her with my care. I don't know why this woman hated me so much and acted this way the only thing I can think of was that I was an inconvenience to her as things didn't go as easy as they usually do, this business is easy money for her it would have been so simple if I would have just slept all night. I have never in my life encountered such a cold hearted person before and just knowing that there are humans like this woman on earth with no compassion, who are only interested in making money and have no regard for human life, is a very scary thing.

I'm not trying to steer anyone from staying at Marians Recovery Home , I have just been asked to share my story and I was willing to because if I could save someone from going through the nightmare that I went through where I nearly lost my life, the story is worth sharing.

One more thing Marian claimed over the phone that the lady had experience and filled out an application /resume I asked to see it and it was a BIG LIE! plus her picture is not on Marian's website either, I asked her for pay stubs PROOF and she could not provide any! and I know that for a fact because this lady didn't know how to do a thing, and it was quite sad to see this elderly lady who was so scared knowing she was involved in this mess, not knowing how all this was going to end.

By the way Marian emailed me a waiver and it had an address on it, I gave it to my boyfriend as I thought that was the the address of the recovery home where I was going to be staying, so that in case of an emergency he knew where I was, turns out she uses the massage clinic address on her receipts, I am not sure if she is not supposed to be using that house for a recovery house since as my boyfriend looked online and the house is not owned by her, it looks to be a rental. So if you stay with her just make sure she provides you with the address of where your staying so that your family members know where you are in case of an emergency, because the one I got on my receipt was not the address to her house.

Pics Just took them what do u guys think?

Here you go ladies I promised you pics, I am not super happy with my results yet but I know that I am still very swollen and its just too soon to see results, anyway I have massaging myself with ARNICARE Arnica gel and rubbed it on my belly and my goodness it helps tons, I ran out of the two tubes and I went to buy more at walmart, it really helps with the pain and swelling please try it!

BOOTY in a thong!! but there's a problem the thing doesn't fit! and that's a good thing!

my booty no longer fits in my thongs, lol I'm not sure how the rest of my body will look, but I'm loving my booty I noticed he did round it out, it doesn't have that squared look anymore, I'm still so swollen, still weigh more than I did when I went into surgery so that's how I know that I'm really swollen, I'm just hoping my booty stays cause as of right now I'm loving it!


Wow I'm shocked just got off the phone with vanitys refund dept, I'm trying to get a refund for my mother's tummy tuck since I don't want her to have surgery at vanity. well they told me that they AREN'T giving refunds at all! Yup you read it correctly, why you ask? Because the bank supposively closed their account!!! She says she had no idea why it was closed but that they don't have access to that money! WTF shit like this only happens at vanity! Well off to start a dispute with the bank, that's why you should always pay with care credit! Because they have to credit your account if your not having surgery, care credit doesn't play these games...


Hey girls I haven't been here in a while, was gonna come back to update you guys on the jaw lipo that I paid vanity for initially when I was going to have my surgery, but doc said he couldn't do it while performing my first surgery, but it NEVER happened, I have been going back and forth with them for months, after going to see Dr fisher we agreed I was ready for the jaw surgery, i spoke to them about redoing my thighs since they looked exactly the same as they did before surgery, they agreed to do them for free because they saw that the thighs showed absolutely no difference, they spoke to the doc and he said I had to wait 6 months remember I already paid for my jaw surgery and I clearly asked if I was going to be charged more and they said NO, in December they scheduled my surgery for January 26th, they told me I did not have to pay anything further and that it would be done with local anesthesia, .

I was happy until 10days before the surgery they said that I ad to pay $750 for operating room costs! yes they totally caught me off guard since they never said anything about this ever! and since local anesthesia is way cheaper than general I did not expect to pay this, and they told me it would take about an hour tops for the surgery.. at that point I was sooo pissed, I figured they were trying to charge me for the supposively FREE thigh surgery, cause as we know NOTHING is free at vanity, anyway I asked for a refund that I would have my surgery done elsewhere, since I was quoted $1400 for both surgeries at a clinic near vanity... anyway they refused to return my money and told me that they would charge me a cancellation fee for cancelling my surgery, anyway hell started from there I spoke to Claudia the customer service rep who is a very snotty Biatch and refused to refund my money , then spoke to Claudia Jimenez for weeks we went back and forth, she said she would help me and NOTHING they kept saying they would talk to the doctor about this and that, and everyday she had a different story till she stopped answering my calls, then I got in contact with Dainelis which is another manager, after a few weeks of going back and forth she spoke to the doc and wanted to make sure he would agree to do my thighs, hence, the two other people had already spoken to him but of course she had no record of it..

anyway she spoke to him, he agreed to redo my thighs, and at that point she lowered the fee to $500 which I was willing to pay it to get this done, she said she would call me back to schedule and so I can pay, I thought this whole charade was over, until she stopped calling me and when I called her she said that the doc said he couldn't redo my thighs but this time we would have to wait a year! then at that point if I get my jaw done now I would just pay $500 for the operating room, then in 6 more months I can get my FREE thighs done with operating room costs of $750 that's a total of $2000! anyway I was pissed, she offered for me to go there again! and I just figured I deal with carecredit which thanks go within a week got my money back from those damn thieves! I tried to speak to dr fisher but they said that he doesn't speak to his patients WTF, honestly he does great work, but I think he is in on all this crap because he hears all he patient complaints yet he does nothing, in my opinion he is just as money hungry as they are! if he truly cared about his patients he would leave that place, that has no respect for human life as they didn't even call the hospital when I ended up in the cardiac dept after surgery.
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