25 Year Old with a Kid, BBL - Miami, FL

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So after struggling with belly fat forever &...

So after struggling with belly fat forever & obsessing over other's people procedures, I CAN FINALLY GET MY OWN. Im booked with Dr. Fisher of course because he's the booty boss ! I love all these ladies work and soon i get to be a barbie. Im booked on Oct 6 & will be going alone. Need help finding a recovery house and a surgery buddy would be awesome sauce .


So pardon my Jamaican patwa in advance but this is complete fuckery. Because my BMI is 32.5 and not 31 I might have to get another appointment after paying in full and booking my ticket and requesting off . They told me to lose 10 lbs in 20 days . But Is that possible ?

Blood test

So Ima procrastinator & decided to get my blood work done last min . OMG I didn't even update anyone with the fact that I'm booked for next week . Oct 6 is my surgery day & I found out I was pre diabetic . However they said that I should be fine because people who are diabetic do it . I just have to get a clearance from my dr . I pray she'll do it , she's been my Dr since I came to the US . so that has pros and cons .

Hurricane Matthew

I swear I don't even wanna speak to anyone with the name Matthew . Was airport bound when I got a call stating that I have to be rescheduled because the office will be closing the day of my surgery ! It's been a COMPLETE run around & at times I think about not going thru with it . First the pre diabetes , then they needed two clearances , now the hurricane . I should just take this all as a sign to not go but I won't . Get booty or die trying lol
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