Right Breast Has Capsulated - In a Lot of Pain and Scared

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Left side is natural, I would do it again though...

Left side is natural, I would do it again though would read more literature. I heal very well and have little scaring. It makes you feel more confident about your self, as I am 68, and very active. Never would have dreamed I would have so much trouble. I consider myself quite healthy. I also had a breast lift.

My right breast has capsulated and its been going on now for the last year and half. I have taking montelukast twice a day and thought it was getting softer, but I wore a push bar for about four hours. I started to get the chills so bad I decide to go home. When I took off my bra the breast was so swollen and so painful. It felt like the day I came in with milk with my children. It has moved so high now and is so hard, its way on my upper chest. Under my arms, I cannot reach up or dare make a fast move. I am scared, What has happened. It now has been 4 days. The breast is happy and soft, so natural.
Name not provided

His bed side matters were to asured and not warm as I thought they should have been. This is all he does, who knows. I will be seeing him in a couple of days..I can not wait, we have do something, I am not financial or mentally prepared. We will see and at that time I will come back then and summit the name.

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