33, Mom of Four, 5'0, 105lbs...425ccs? - Vancouver, WA

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My measurements are 33-24-36. Ive been researching...

My measurements are 33-24-36. Ive been researching and wanting a BA for years. I bf all my babies each almost 2 years (go me!) but it left me empty looking :/
Im thinking 425ccs silicone mod or mod+ unders....but seeing such variations of looks (on similar sized women who got the cc and profile I want) I just don't know! I want big heavy looking boobs not round. And I'm ok with looking like my boobs are a bit too big lol anyone else with similar stats that got/are getting what I'd like? Or women similar height and weight who have the look I'm going for?

460cc hp silicone unders!

Had an appointment with Dr. Workman, just loved him! Felt very comfortable right off the bat. The women at the front were very professional and cheerful, the surgery coordinator was as well.
I went in thinking hed suggest about 425ccs moderate plus but then I tried them on and they were way too small ???? he said 450 (460 actually) high profile and they were PERFECT! I'm going for a very low heavy look, not high, round etc. so I was surprised at the HP suggestion. But he's the expert so I'm trusting him. I'll probably be up all night researching 460 hps all night tho lol

Oh! Surgery will hopefully be next week!

June 7th! Ah I'm so excited

475 Hp Silicone on Petite Frame

Well I'm going to have huge boobs ???????? Finally! This Tuesday 1:30pm is surgery day, had my pre op this morning. I spent more time trying on sizes. She brought out the exact styles implants theyd use for me to choose from. hp475 and hp495. I hadn't tried on the 495s during the consultation so that threw a wrench in my plans for the 475s lol they looked HUGE. But she said picture them slightly smaller. Either way it's too big tho I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about getting boob greed lol! So many women say go bigger but jeez I think 475 will be very large too haha I'm 90% sure that's what I'll go with. But I can tell him my decision that morning. I'm almost 5 feet, 110.

ba done! 465cc hp silicone under

So far so good! Swollen, high and bruised but I love them already!!
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