33yo, 5'5, 123lbs - Vancouver, WA

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I have my final consultation this Wednesday the...

I have my final consultation this Wednesday the 31st to get another set of measurements since I've gained more muscle weight. I think I've already decided I'm going with 450-475cc saline high profile sub muscular. I'm currently a 34A and I'm hoping to be a mid C.

How do you know what size support bra you need? Since I'll be in one for a few weeks i want to order some so I have a few.

Consultation Complete

Had my final consultation today... I decided on a 420cc saline moderate plus profile. I am super excited.. 20 days until surgery. Total cost $5723 which includes my preop visit and my post op visits for the first year.

Current pictures

My current size... So depressing. Can't wait for surgery day ????

Post-Op day 2

So, the day of surgery I couldn't keep myself awake which was normal I guess. Day 1.. I felt great, there was a lot of pressure but deep breaths helped. It didn't start hurting until I went on a sneezing spree then it felt like my whole chest got pulled in different directions.

Day 2 (last night) was the worst pain ever. I couldn't find any comfortable spot to sleep in. I couldn't find any right way to stay propped up. It felt like I swelled even more. I have one more day until I get my bandages removed. Here is an updated photo of how they look with the bandages.

I got 390cc on my left and 420cc on my right.. saline implants, mod+ profile.


I forgot to add the photo
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