33 Years Old Gained over 70 Pounds in my Pregnancies Tired of Having my Insecurities About my Body Hold Me Back. Vancouver, BC

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I have booked my "mommy makeover" for January 12th...

I have booked my "mommy makeover" for January 12th. I am super excited and of course really nervous at the same time. I went for my first consult over 3 years ago and am finally in the place now where I am so ready.
During my pregnancies I gained over 70 pounds. I went from 118 pounds to 190 pounds. With each child I lost the weight within the year, this left my skin stretched and mishapen.
Don't get me wrong I love my kids and love being a mom! Best thing that has ever happened to me! But feeling this way about my body holds me back from being the confident mom that I know I am. It's embarrassing to go swimming and feel like I have to tuck my sagging breasts in or my loose skin on my stomach back into my bikini bottoms.
For my mommy makeover I will be getting a breast lift and 335 cc implants. I am a very active person who loves adventure so I wanted implants that were natural and not to big so they wouldn't get in the way. And I really wanted a natural look. My goal is that my body will look similar to how it did before I had children. I am also getting a full abdominalplasty with muscle repair which I am super nervous about. But I am more excited then nervous. I am so ready to fit properly into clothes again!
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