Teosyal... Still Evaluating - on Day Two and Totally Loving It

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I got the mini-lip injection (Vancouver does it,...

I got the mini-lip injection (Vancouver does it, haven't seen anywher else). Loved it - went in for a top lip and the nurse said my lips were even and that most people who want a fuller looking lip just do the bottom. She suggested I do both otherwise it could look uneven with just the top. She brought out two needles (0.4CC costs $135, a full 1CC is $500) and did the bottom first. I loved it. I also arrived an hour early to put on the numbing cream and it was amazing, I felt nothing save for a dull pain that lasted 3-7 seconds at most. I was so happy with the result, I said I'd hold off on the upper lip until next week.

I'm on day two. It's a little sore if I touch a certain spot, it's also a little lumpy but you can't see it, I only feel the lumps if I run my tongue across my inner lower lip OR if I purse my lips together it feels a bit sore and icky so I''ve stopped pursing my lips together. But so far, I'd say it's been a decent experience, I'm totally addicted and I'm 95% going back for the top lip next week!

The week after I went back for my top lip...0.1CC...

The week after I went back for my top lip...0.1CC on each side. Very minimal, I could barely notice it but when my fiance saw me he could instantly tell. I have a small mouth so it help to widen it up a bit. A tiny bit. Two days later a tiny bruise showed up on my top right lip. It took about a week to go away and it looked like I had a weird cold sore. I would do it again in the heartbeat! I'm actually in Toronto now and nobody here does the mini-lip so now I'm going to do Juvederm, the full vial. Stay tuned for updates. I'm actually quite scared because with the mini-lip you can just put a freezing cream on and feel hardly any pain. I know people who've done Juvederm (the full 1cc) and some people do the dental block but they still feel pain!

Spruce Body Labs

Virtually painfree application, nurse knows exactly what she's talking about and the facility is clean and gorgeous.

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