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I had rhinoplasty over 5 months ago and I am still...

I had rhinoplasty over 5 months ago and I am still not sure how it will turn out. I was so self conscious about the bump on the bridge and my doctor said he could fix it. My side profile looks great but I am so upset about the front. It is curved to one side! Not sure if it is swelling or permanent.

Improvements after even a few days

Even just a few days later I have noticed improvements! It is less swollen which makes the nose look less crooked. My guess is that my deviated septum was not corrected and looks more obvious when it's swollen, but as the swelling continues to go down it will become less and less obvious. That's my hope anyways!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

He was great before and after the surgery! Very organized and seemed to know what he was doing. Still can't review him completely since I am still recovering and yet to be satisfied with the results

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