Really Excited and Nervous for the New Me - Vancouver, BC

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Hi Ladies :) I'm a 33 year old mom of 5...

Hi Ladies :) I'm a 33 year old mom of 5 beautiful kids that I love with all my heart! After gaining 60 lbs with every baby I'm really not liking the battle scares all over my stomach and the super flat boobs I now have :) hehe... So I have decided to treat myself to a mommy makeover :)

I have scheduled an aptment with the PS on the 4th of April and the surgery for the 26th of April also! ... sooooo excited, and nervous.. can't wait... i love this website... I have learned lots from you ladies! Take care

Well I got to see my PS on the 15 instead of the...

Well I got to see my PS on the 15 instead of the 4th of April... it was a good apointment, he is a very nice doctor, made me feel at home and explained everything to me ... im really excited!! He saied that i need a small lift too so im getting a Full tummy tuck and a breast lift with augmentation ... 300cc on both sides :) that should be a small D cup i think :) good enough for me ... Im 5'6'' 145lbs and a small Ccup ... I have been really watching what im eating for the last 3 months, and I excercise a little :) not as much as i probably should, but trying to get into a good habit... SOOOOO excited ... yay... you ladies look great by the way :)... hope you are all feeling good! take care :)

Hello beautiful ladies!! Well tomorrow is my big...

Hello beautiful ladies!! Well tomorrow is my big day ... driving to Vancouver around 4ish ... getting super duper excited!! ... I tried to update while i was at work, but it wouldnt let me, I got home late last night so i thought id update today( im soooo glad i worked till yesterday i did not have time to think about the surgery too much), ill add pics tonight too :) ... I decided to get 400cc instead of 300, i felt like 300 was more the size i had befor xmas, and sice this is goin to be painful i should at least have bigger boobs than what i had hehe ... boy im excited yay :) Hope you ladies are all doin good!! ill update soon :)
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