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I had juvederm on my cheeks & nasolobial fold at...

I had juvederm on my cheeks & nasolobial fold at late twenties. Right after swelling was gone, my cheeks & mouth got droopy & smile is croocked. I lost all the volume in my face to the point that I only have skin on the bone. My body broke down 4 syringes of juvederm in few days along with my own tissue. I also developed a serious autoimmune disease too after a fw months. I look very odd & people stare at my face. Suffer from extreme never & facial atrophy plus pain dryness hyperpigmentation in over my body. I was a young hairy person now look odd & years older & sticker! I was scared of surgery even fat graft under my eyes & now I'm disfigured.

Juvederm Disfigured Me

After the injection, I developed droopy cheek & eyelid, lipoatrophy, loss of fat from my face & hyperpigmentation. I look very bad & deformed. Juvederm didn't do anything to help me exec though I follow up with them & Doctor who did it. They only want your money & if you left disfigured it's not their ptoblemproblem. Money is their only motive & they are safe under law to ruin your life

Dr Braun

This review is for juvederm itself

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