Fraxel Does Work for my Acne Scars

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros: improvement,immidiately after the...

Pros: improvement,immidiately after the treatment

Cons: expensive; mild pain; depending on intensity of treatment; mild swelling and redness that lasts for 1 day, gone within 3 days. again depending on intensity of treatment.

I have a very bad acne scarring case on my cheeks, a little on the forehead, some so called depressed scars or ice-pick scars as well. My doc first told me to try out the smooth beam laser, which was by the way very inexpensive, $200 for the whole face. I had two smooth beam laser treatments but didn't see much improvement. At that time fraxel just came out and I didn't want to try it out as it was very new still and I am always skeptical about new treatments. few months passed by and I consulted with my dermatologist again and finally dared to try out fraxel.

I had 3 treatments a year ago and have to say it worked out well for me. I had to stop my treatment over the summer and just had my 5th treatment. My doc increased the intensity level on me and it didn't have any effect on the down time.

I have one more treatment on both my cheeks and one on my forehead before summertime. I am very very pleased with my results and will definitely continue with fraxel. I believe 3 or 4 more treatments are needed until I'm fully satisfied with my skin.

I am sorry to hear about others that didn't see any improvements but worsened the case. I believe for people with very sensitive skin or fair skin tone, fraxel might not be right for you and should seek other, less "evasive" (for certain skin types) kind of laser.

If your skin doesn't show any major or hidious scarring, you should seek other alternatives to improve your skin or to gain a younger look.

verdict: although my doc said, there is no 100% improvement but just a 70% to 84%, the results have exceeded my exspectations. Results can be seen immidiately after the treatment and will continue about 4 to 6 months after the last treatment. So, I'm looking forward to it. Worth the money spent!

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