Cheek Implants and Lip Lift, blephoplasty

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I've never really felt pretty or feminine due to...

I've never really felt pretty or feminine due to my square face, small hooded eyes, hollow cheeks and long upper lip. I've wanted to do something about this for some time now and finally got the opportunity to do it. I have genetically more hooded upper eyelids, which have been getting heavier the past couple years, to the point where eyeliner or mascara would rub off onto my upper eyelids within a few minutes of putting it on! I would also always find myself raising my eyebrows in an effort to lift my eyelids up to see better. Not the best look!
In addition I wanted to have cheek implants placed to give me a more full and feminine look instead of the hollowed out look I had. Lastly, I always hated how long my upper lip was, I was always self conscious of it and would try to use my lip muscles to pull it up which would make me look like I was snarrling ( not attractive)
It's difficult for me to get time off work for recovery ( I work closely with the public so wanted to be well healed when I go back) so I thought I'd look into doing a few procedures together. Dr. Buonasissi felt comfortable to do that so I decided to do all three procedures together!
Because I live 4 hrs away from Vancouver I had my consult with Dr.B via Skype. I also submitted photos I took myself which Dr. B said were good and could see my concerns. Surgery date was then booked for March 21 with 2 weeks off work for recovery time.
Surgery day: I had IV sedation with topical anesthetic. Surgery went good, nurses and Dr B made me feel comfortable and looked after me well. I had mild discomfort initially out of surgery, the nurse gave my T3's and a couple small doses of phentynol. After that no pain, just tightness. Drive back home 4 hours no problem, slept most of the time.
Day one: Its been difficult to eat and drink as I can't move my mouth much, choosing softer foods like oatmeal this morning. On a side note, I've already noticed how much easier it is it talk with my upper lip being shorter. Never expected that benefit. Can't wait to see final result. Eyes are a little tender, especially my right one, my lid was a little more droopy on my right side so Dr B removed a little more in that one.
I've been applying polysporin regularly and haven't needed any more T3's since about 2am last night (took them just so I would sleep better) it's 8:15am now. I have bandages on my cheeks so hard to tell what they look like, definitely swollen! By what most write ups say the swelling is worse by day 3 then starts to dissipate. Not going to panick yet!

Day 4

Day 4: my left side seems to be healing quicker then my right side. Can feel more swelling on my right upper cheek bone/eye areas. My nose is also really swollen, I iced a lot today. I'm finding the cheek implants hard to get used to. Not sure I'm totally happy with them yet. Eyes and lip suture lines are tight feeling and a litte itchy, I'm putting polysporine on them all the time which I think is helping with the healing.
Stitches holding my implants come out tomorrow so that will be nice! I'll post another tomorrow.

Day 5

Stitches from cheek implants out today, feels much better!
Lip incision is feeling super tight, Woke up in the middle of the night panicking because it was burning so much. Getting better as the day goes on.
Right eye Incision also feels tighter today. I'm starting to second guess my eyelid surgery, I think too much skin was removed and I feel like I've lost expression in my eyes. It might change as things continue to heal but at this point I'm not really happy about it.
This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Day 9

Got to put on a little makeup today, starting to feel half normal again! Had my 1 week follow up appointment yesterday. Healing is going well. I asked about the asymmetry in my cheek implants, doctor said it's still too early to tell how they'll settle in. I need to give it more time to heal. I can definitely feel the bottom of my left implant in my cheek with my tongue whereas I can't feel my right one at all. Hopefully it'll move back up into place. I'm happy with my lip lift. I'm hoping the scar heals up a little nicer, I find it really noticeable right now.

Week 3

At 3 weeks post op. I'm happy with how my everything is healing. My cheeks are still a little swollen, the left cheek implant is feeling a little more tender and still feels lower than the right side. I find smiling a little difficult yet. Looking forward to it all settling in.

7 weeks post op

Here's how things are looking at 7 weeks.
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