20 Yr Old, Olive Skin, Acne Scars - Vancouver, BC

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I had 3 ematrix treatments, which I was told was...

I had 3 ematrix treatments, which I was told was all that was needed for maximum results. My main concerns was pitted acne scars. My scars aren't severe, mild-moderate depending on the area.

Each treatment, hurt quite a bit, and we did my entire face. My face had a grid like appearance, which would scab, and crust off over the next week. It was easily covered up while it healed with foundation.

I DID see an improvement in dark marks I had. However, this could also have been time and the skin regime I've been using. I saw no difference in pitting, or texture. I was offered another few spot treatments of ematrix, due to lack of results. However, I'm very doubtful I will see any results from continuing treatments.
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