41 Years Old, 34 E and Finally Moving Towards a Breast Reduction - Vancouver, BC

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I finally had my consult for a breast reduction! I...

I finally had my consult for a breast reduction! I have put this off for so many years and was very nervous leading up to it, but it was no big deal. Dr MacAdam made me feel very at ease. We discussed my concerns and the results I was looking for in her office while I was fully clothed. Then she stepped out and asked me to remove my top and bra and change into a robe. When she returned she took my measurements and then did a breast exam. After that we done, we discussed the methodology she would use and she showed me some pictures of women who had similar size breasts as me and the results. She asked me if I had any questions and answered them all thoroughly. The consult was $175.

She expressed concern over a 1.5 cm red bump I have had on my breast for the last year. I had been to the doctor about it and they had referred me for a mammogram. It was a very stressful process and at the end of it all, they basically told me they could not figure out what it was and sent me on my way. Dr. MacAdam said she was surprised they had not done a biopsy and suggested it be removed and sent for testing. I was surprised this was a possibility since the other doctors had not mentioned it! Had I been told it was, I absolutely would have done it since I find it unsightly. It is day surgery and covered by BC MSP, but there is a long waiting list so I am opting to have her do it right away (cost is only $200).

I have since received my quote for the breast reduction and it is around $9500. The only wrinkle is that Dr. MacAdam did mention to me that my BR would be 100% covered by BC MSP if I wanted to go that way, but that she does not do the surgeries so I would need to find another doctor to do it. While I would love to have her do my breast reduction, $9500 is nothing to sneeze at so I am weighing my options about whether or not to have a consult with a doctor who does the BC MSP reductions. In the interim, I will be having Dr. MacAdam do the day surgery because either way, this little bump needs to be looked at before I can proceed with a reduction.

Weird response from a friend

I haven't told many folks that I am hoping to get a breast reduction. My husband and my best friend know, and they have been supportive. However, I decided to tell another old friend of mine and I was really surprised by her response.

She went on a big tirade about how she has big breasts (I asked and she is a 34C) and that she would never alter her body. She even said her mom told her she should get a breast reduction recently (seriously, wtf?). I tried to gently point out that a 34E (as I measure) or 34G (the bra size I wear) is quite a different matter than having a C cup. Also, that I was not doing it purely for vanity but also because I am in pain most of the time. She still would not let up on it. I don't know what I said that hit a nerve, but it clearly did. She also went on about how when she wore certain tshirts people would stare etc. I was like, er, yes, I am aware... The whole thing was totally bizarre to me. She just seemed determined to bring the whole thing back around to herself.

I know many folks on here have had experiences with unsupportive family/friends. I always found it bizarre that people cared so much what others do to their own body. Now that I have experienced it for myself, I am even more confused.

Oh well, onward & upward. I know now I will just keep my mouth shut about it.

Lesion removed: step 2 towards breast reduction

As I mentioned in my first posts, my PS wanted to remove a small, curious red bump on my breast to have it tested, before we move forward with breast reduction.

I had the procedure done in her office earlier this week and am now awaiting results.

It was done under local anaesthetic and took less than a half hour. I have a few disolvable stitches under a SteriStrip. Did not hurt much at all, and now I am waiting for results.

At one point the Dr drew on my breasts the placement of my "new" nipple for reference. It looked unbelievably high up!! When she me a mirror to look at the marks, I felt so disassociated from my breasts. They just seemed so freakishly big I could hardly stand to look at them. I guess that is the point when you know you are really and truly ready to get a reduction!

A few days later I went shopping for some new work clothes and a dress for a wedding I am attending in August. As usual nothing fit and I felt frustrated and demoralized. I cannot wait to move forward with my BR!

The final straw

The final straw for me and my boobs was in Bali. The heat and humidity were insane and I was so uncomfortable all the time, due to heat rash and other issues from my bra. Also, one day I was swimming in the pool and one of my boobs completely escaped from my bathing suit top. I wish I could say this was the first time in my life it has happened, but alas it wasn't. This mortifying pics shows how big my chest looks from the side - and how it makes me look very disproportionate.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. MacAdam has excellent bed side manner and is clearly very experienced and competent. She made me feel very at ease in my consult for a breast reduction. I would have no reservations using her for a breast reduction and I find her pricing reasonable.

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