After the Procedure - Vancouver, BC

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Thank you for sharing your story, I appreciated...

Thank you for sharing your story, I appreciated reading it and learning more. Can you tell me how it was for you for the first few days after the procedure? How long did you go without being being able to do anything physical.

I am ambivalent around the issue of suction, would like to but uncertain at this time. wouldn't mind hearing more from anyone who's opted to have had this done and any challenges or difficulties after. thanks for sharing.

One Day Post Op

Still less than one day post op, so somewhat woozy from both anasthesia and of course T3's.
I am feeling so much more relieved as I was incredibly anxious about all the "what if's". My anxiety even though downplayed was indeed through the roof and I am normally a calm person.
Everything went pretty smoothly, my procedure was two and a half hours by a very skilled surgeon and team. I am feeling a lot lighter and my pain is only maybe a 1 on a scale of 1-10. I opted to have the Lipo Suction so expected to be in more discomfort, happy I am not. Today I am spending time with ice packs and thinking of reducing to 1 T3 instead of 2. Not really feeling enough discomfort to warant 2 so will find out so will find out soon enough.
Since disclosing my surgery I have met so many folks who were willing to share their experience and this has helped immensely. Will keep you posted.

Not a lot of notice for procedure

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