20, 5'10 125lbs no kids 400/450 HP 32 b/c to 32 DDD- Vancouver, BC

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I am 20yrs old 5'10 125lbs tall/thin looking to...

I am 20yrs old 5'10 125lbs tall/thin looking to get a more feminine look as I don't have much shape to my body. I plan to get HP and under the muscle
I have to decide by June 3rd what size I want so if anyone is the same h/w please comment.
I am stuck between 415/425/450
* My right is bigger than the left

Some photos

I'm a little worried because I am pretty thin I don't want to look gross and inproportionate..
I was so excited to get this done and I expressed it to some close and they were really rude about it but they even said they had wanted it done.. So just being jealous hater ... Anyways
I'm worried about going to big now
And will it feel weird or uncomfortable like some weights hanging on my chest?? Lol
I'm also wondering how much of a difference my implants should be
My right side is a B and right is C I would say
I don't really know to be honest I just checked his pink no pad bra and it says D ! From la senza so I really have no idea. The padding ones I buy are all D 32 as well but I don't think it's a true D because there is barely any room for a boob in there due to all the padding...

Wish pics

Boobs I like and hope resemble mine some day soon.. July 15 perhaps !
I like the high look because I am tall I have longer body parts everywhere. Even my chest seems long and boobs sit low.. So I think high profile will help with this slope thing.
My worry is that my hips aren't wide at all.. I want to add curve on my body but it's really hard for me to gain weight. I want my boobs like these photos although these women have a fuller body so I'm not sure how these would look on my body :/

Surgery and size

July 15 I will have the surgery!!! 3 weeks to go! Also I think I have decided on HP 400 cc for the left and HP425 cc for the right.
I tried on 385 cc up to 450 cc everything besides what I chose seems to small or too big. I think these are great and I hope they don't take away too much when going under the muscle. Plus I do have a bit more breast tissue already than a lot of other people on here and I like how other people look. My body is kinda small but I am young and going to the gym more regularly now so I plan to gain more weight.
These photos are HP 400 and 425 cc

Chest deformity ..

So I have pectus excavatem .. its like a concave in the chest bone. I only have it on my right side, with my smaller breast. I'm anxious to see how the implant will go with it. Will it accentuate it or help hide it. Also I'm nervous will the difference of only 25cc actually even out my right breast?! 400 for left 425 for right.. I'm not sure if it will or I should go higher?! Two weeks away.. No 13 days Ahhh !

Tmro is the day

So anxious and nervous. Having huge relationship problems so it kinda sucks I'm going for surgery now at this bad time in my life. But I know I will be so happy once I have them and boost my confidence because I need that a lot right now. So the future is exciting thinking about it now as writing makes me happy. Just hope I don't get addicted to my pain medication while I'm all depressed lmao.
I am supposed to get there for 1230 pm but I'm going to go earlier cause I need to get my prescription and get it filled. Ahhhhhh
Wish me luck people!


Just waiting to be taken into surgery ...

I'm alive

I'm not feeling great woke up crying in pain. But once I expressed it I got pain medication right away. I've had surgery before and after it I was so thirsty and the people only gave me a tiny ice cube or a tiny amount of water so it was so nice here they actually gave me as much water as I wanted lmao. I am home now. Super uncomfortable but happy. Dr.Seal is great and everyone was so nice there.
I very much wanted to be more symmetrical so I chose 400 left and 425 right. When I woke up he had chosen 400 left and 450 right for me!! Haha I'm so happy. I thought to even it out he may have went smaller on my left but I think he remembered the photos I showed him of what I desired and it was a very full look so he went larger. Yayyyyyy

Day 2 post op

My left breast was the bigger one that got the smaller implant and it is the one feeling the most tight. I would figure the smaller boob would have had the problem.
I don't like taking medication I feel gross and out of it a bit an so itchy and weird. I don't like drugs!!! I have my mom taking care of me which is nice because I can't put any weight on my arms. Going for checkup with dr. Seal today hope all is well and I can shower!

Day 5 po

I've looked over so many reviews and did my research for such a long time I knew about the frakenboob and the swelling and unevenness so many people have experienced. I also had a lot of confidence in my surgeon before I chose him. But I can't help but feel sad because my right boob is still so much smaller than my left I almost feel like they put the 450 in my left and 400 in my right. How did the surgery with different implants make my larger boob so much larger. I'm upset how they look at the moment. I don't have money to get it changed and I feel like they are just too big and so uncomfortable I'm afraid I made a mistake getting this operation. I feel so stupid why couldn't I just like my boobs how they were before !!!???!

Day 6 po

These tape bandages have been annoying me so much I itch at the edges and made my skin bleed. I had a shower today and it was a little loose in the corner so I pulled it off now. I don't remember if I was allowed to or not but oh well feels so nice with them gone. Now there is just this mini tape liner on the incision. Other than that they look pretty identical. They look small in this pic but they aren't at all and they come out so far. I was afraid I went to big.

3 weeks po

I love my boobs!!! The swelling has gone down a lot and they look so much more normal, they are still high and stuff but I was so afraid before because they looked weird obviously because I just had surgery lol. I am so happy with them, exactly what I asked for I just can't express how happy I am lol I feel silly for being so upset before.
I will upload pics soon, on laptop now, they are all on my phone :D
I hope anyone who just had surgery and feels like they look strange read this and realize ya that is normal lol!


Here's some pics. Very happy

4 months po

I love my boobs!
Everything has been going great. They feel 100% like part of my body. Only issue is having to buy all new bras lol!
at Victoria secret they measured me at 32 DDD. I love wearing bras that have no padding now.. everyday before BA I would wear super padded bras an it was so uncomfortable. I'm not sure if vs sizes different than other stores because DDD seems like a lot.. but I tried La senza 32 DD and it didn't fit and they didn't have DDD sooo ya. Here's some pics at 4 months post operation.

6 months PO

Love my boobs although VS only have like select bra lines that come in DDD so little annoying I can't walk up to any bra I want lol.
My boobs were different before surgery so I got 400 and 450 HP . I still feel my left breast is bigger rounder upper fullness more. My right I have this weird concave chest thing on that side so it's not as full at the top I feel as the left and it's not as round as my left breast. I guess it's just the problems I hard before surgery being exaggerated now because they bigger. I'm not sure if my implant on the right side is bottoming out or it's just that it's still a little bit smaller so the nipple isn't at the exact same spot as the left one.. sisters not twins ... lol
But wearing a bra or in photo it's not noticeable it's nothing to do with the surgeon it's just how I was prior. I'm pretty judgemental of myself so maybe I'm looking into it too much. And my bf has never said anything if he thought something was weird he would have said something 100% lol so ya maybe it's just me.
Anyone else go thru that??
Other than that they feel really real and squishy and I like how they sit! I'm tall so my chest neck etc all longer so HP was good for me if I didn't get it I think I would look weird.

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