Made a Huge Difference to my Skin - Vancouver, BC

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I had moderate acne mainly on my cheeks and...

I had moderate acne mainly on my cheeks and forehead and occasionally on my chin. I also had lots of red marks and some shallow scars on my cheeks from old acne. I also had oily skin. I tried every over the counter acne creams plus some perscription acne creams, tried birth control pills and natural remedies and nothing worked for me. I decided enough is enough and went to a dermatologist who perscribed accutane.

I took accutane for 6 months I think, can't remember exacetly how long. From the first month I noticed a decrease in my acne and decrease in oil production on my face. It did cause some dry skin on my face and hands but that was the only side effects I got from accutane. Some people reported feeling depressed on accutane but I was actually happier since I could see that my acne was clearing up. The only negative was taking a monthly blood test while you are on accutane to make sure there is no liver damage but this was worth it if I was going to have acne free skin.

After I finished my course of accutane treatment, my skin was acne free and alot less oily. I still had some red marks and shallow scars from old acne but accutane does not work for this. I was very happy with the results.
Now 5 years later and my skin is still pretty clear majority of the time with occasional small pimples (1 or 2) around my period time which is nothing compared to before. My red marks and scars have also faded about 90% since my skin has a chance to heal without producing pimples in the same area.

I know there are people who had alot of side effects on accutane but for me this drug did wonders for my skin without any major side effects and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you accutane for giving me a chance to have clear skin.

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