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I want to write this review because I think a lot...

I want to write this review because I think a lot of people who are contemplating going on Accutane will not because of all the negative reviews. That was me. I was so scared of everything that I read, that I almost didn't go on it. You will find that most people who had negative experiences are the only ones writing about it. People who had positive experiences, don't usually write reviews and go on with their day. Well, here is my experience.

I've had moderate to severe acne sine inwas 12 years old. I am 35 now. I've always had my acne in my T zone meaning forehead, nose, chin. Small amounts of acne on my cheeks, but not terrible. I also had quite a bit of acne on my chest and back. The chest and back were the worse for me. Regardless, the humiliation of acne consumed me. As you can imagine, I tried every treatment they had for acne. Topicals, random oral meds, etc. nothing worked. It was time for Accutane despite all the terrible reviews.

My treatment plan was a total of 3 months. 40 mg per day.

Side effects for me: extremely dry lips. Cracked lips, dry patchy skin on arms, some minor joint pains. That was it! So worth the results because now I have the smoothest skin I have ever had in my life. My face is clear and smooth, my chest is clear and soft, and my back is completely clear, smooth and soft. I can finally wear a strapless top with my hair up.

Overall, Accutane worked wonders for me. I would highly recommend it. Best thing I ever did.

Good luck

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