19 Years Old, Rhinoplasty, Bulbous Tip and Slight Bump - Vancouver, BC

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Soo my rhinoplasty procedure is in 2 days which is...

Soo my rhinoplasty procedure is in 2 days which is April 13th. I am hoping to remove my slight bump, get rid of my drooping tip, improve the crookedness and refine my bulbous tip while still looking like myself and staying pretty natural. I am very nervous and scared for the result and really want it to suit my face. I have confidence in my doctor and also know a friend who has gone to him and had amazing results before. Wish me luck xx I'll attach some before pictures.

Before and after

Ill attach two sets of before and afters made by the doctor. I had two consultations with him, I also had one with another doctor

Post op day 1

I honestly had the most amazing experience with dr. denton and his team. It went by so fast and smoothly and I am so happy I went through with this. Denton's personality is very calming, and he has a very good bedside manner. In addition, the nurses were all so caring and made me feel right at home. The process for me and my best friend who got it the day before was great and so easy. We were both so nervous before but all we have to say is that you are in great hands with dr. Denton.

Feeling so great

I'm feeling so great. I have full breathing access out of both nostril. Im really comfortable. Without pain meds all I can feel is the stitches 1/10 but I'm good. I cried a lot yesterday when i took off my gauze and saw my nose because Dr. Denton has done what I thought would be impossible and I am so in love with what I see, even though there is swelling i still love it so far and am so happy. The T3's also made me emotional yesterday so it adds to it. I got a little more swelling because of crying but ice resolves that pretty damn well. Its really comfortable to sleep but I find myself being bored right now at 4am. Ill be posting more photos if I see any changes! :)


Last night was the worse night ever.. the T3s made me really crazy and were causing my vomit cry and laugh uncontrollably. Went to the ER and got some nausea meds. I have Increased swelling and a popped eye vessle. I kept crying cuz i was scared the pressure from vomiting would ruin my nose. Stopped taking T3 and antibiotic under my surgeons instructions and I'm feeling much better today. Swelling has gone down a bit. I am never taking T3s again

Post op day 7

Getting off my cast tomorrow morning at 10am! No pain, I haven't taken any medication for the past 2 days and I've been on only extra strength Tylenol from day 3-5. Still take arnica montana, bromelin, and my vitamins and I continue to ice. Bruising is still there, but my face swelling has gone down alottt. Nose is also still really swollen as well, but I am really happy with it considering that.

Cast off

I was a little skeptical of posting my cast removal pictures because it is soooo incredibly swollen I cant believe its my nose and that its going to go down. Sometimes its hard to be hopeful when you dont have an exact time frame to know when itll be better. I have to go back to work next weekend and I'm just praying it calms down even a little. Its really big and I try to think about how he moved bones closer to make it smaller therefore over time it will shrink.. I also try to think about how I got my nose broken 9 days ago. It already improved a little since yesterday. Ive been icing, sleeping up right, having a low sodium diet, trying to drink lots of water, taking bromelian, and eating lots of pineapple. My whole face is a little swollen still and the swelling in between my eyes throw me off. If anyone has any tips let me know. Also could i tape? Does that help? Or should I not do it unless my doctor tells me to?

Slowly but hopefully surely

I think my swelling has gone down a little bit everyday. I hope it keeps doing so. I have exactly 1 week till I'm back at work so hopefully I'll have more improvement by then! Ever since I got my cast off I had a very bad nose bleed everyday except today. Its only out of the side that me preformed a septoplasty on so Im going to call the office tomorrow to see if thats ok. Other than that I've been eating soooo much pineapple and drinking 2L of water a day. I am so tired of sleeping on my back and elevated but you gotta do what u gotta do for the swelling!

Put makeup on!!

Less swollen then yesterday i thinkk

Pics from 2 weeks post op

3 weeks

3 weeks post op!



Side pic

Im pretty happy with the side! Has anyone experienced a little callus like bump that formed in the middle of the bridge, i can see it but other people might not be able to (you can feel it too) hopefully that resolves itself. Lmk if anyone has experienced this!
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great in every aspect, so natural yet an effective change. Very kind and trustworthy, he knows exactly what hes doing! I had an amazing experience with him with my rhinoplasty and I know others who have as well. Check out my whole journey (with pictures) on my realself profile.

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