Too Much of a Hassle - Van Nuys, CA

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I'm 27 and had traditional metal braces in middle...

I'm 27 and had traditional metal braces in middle school at 13. My bottom, right cuspid tooth rotated after not wearing my retainers at night. I decided Invisalign will be a good idea last summer. Well a year later, I'm half-way done with treatment. I like the results so far, except I do not like the hassle of it all.

I recommend this if you are compliant with treatment. Yes, you have to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. Sounds easy, but it's difficult if your occupation is nonstop (ie nurse) or if you are a healthy dieter/workout enthusiast and have 5 small meals a day. It sucks to carry a travel toothbrush kit in my purse when I eat out.

Also, the trays dry your lips and mouth during the first couple of weeks. This leads to bad breath friends. Again, this is only during the first few weeks and it goes away. But it's still gross.

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