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I want to share a story with you... one that...

I want to share a story with you... one that involves me warning you never to do microneedling... And furthermore never to trust a questionable business with your skin...
In March 2017 I did microneedling with an esthetician named Romin at Nu-Me Aesthetic and Anti-aging Center. I went there to do a facial and light enzyme peel which I had done at other places before however Romina and all the women who work there pushed me (29 years old) to do Microneedling and told me it would be much better for my skin which was great, minus a blemish or two once a month, and foolishly I did it. She used the most aggressive deepest needle on my face which as I googled it would be 2.5 and went over the same areas several times causing me a lot of pain while it was being performed. After about a week when the major redness faded I noticed huge hyperpigmentation marks in certain areas at first and with time also noticed my skin texture had changed and within these huge dark hyperpimented areas there was little black dots in these huge enlarged pores on my cheeks forehead and nose but mostly my cheeks which still look like they have permanent birthmarks on there. I tried to contact them, they refused to see me and told me to wait and use hydroquinone. I tried patience and tried to wait and 10 months had gone by and my skin had actually gotten worse. I was out of town and told them I would come back and they kept telling me this is not from Microneedling and that they wanted pictures of me but agreed to see me. I sent them photos and went to the office 1 hour away I drove for my appointment and they said they would refuse to treat me and had a security guard escort me out as I came to get their business card she threw it on the floor. I literally left shaking and crying as I have never been treated this way before. The managers name is Angela by the way who did this and the doctor was not there and would never see me or talk to me himself. As I found out they have several doctors who do insurance fraud as well. They told me that they need money/ be paid first to even discuss anything with me after taking 2500 from me. So I just want to first off warm people to please avoid this place.Throughout this I had gone to 2 dermatologists who had told me to wait and Microneedling doesn’t do this and one who said this could be permanent and I should sue and that on olive you shouldn’t perform Microneedling because of pigmentation. I have used prescription retina 0.1% and hydroquinone 4% and never saw anything getting better. Onr dermatologist recently told me it could be dark hair in that area so I bleached it and removed it And of course that didn’t help. So I tried to contact dermapen but no one answers to calls or emails.I am so depressed as I have always been very sensitive on my skin (which probably serves me right) and it bothers me how everyone keeps saying microneedling won’t do this and I’m scared that after almost a year now this truly is permanent and there is no solution. I am using scar gel sheets now and Mederma pm, and just purchased Hanacure face mask. I have considered co2 lasers and clear and brilliant but I am so terrified now.Please if anyone has a solution that could help I have lost my mind talking and researching about this I don’t know what to do.

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