Lipoma Removal from Right Breast - Vallejo, CA

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(amount spent was $20 copay. insurance paid for...

(amount spent was $20 copay. insurance paid for it) i discovered a lump in my right breast in may.....went to gyn who referred me to surgeon.....saw one surgeon didn't like his "attitude" sought out another....he just removed the lipoma on was pretty big about 2 inches....two days later i am up and around and almost back to normal....only take motrin or tylenol....i would suggest if it is in the breast you get it out to make sure it isn't cancer....that's not something to mess with

sutter solano head of surgery

i checked out the surgeons on the internet before making a decision and picked one out....then went to my primary who recommended another....went to that "other"....he had an attitude problem and thought he was superior....dumped him and made appointment with my first choice surgeon....he turned out to be a really good surgeon - the head of surgery at sutter solano.....just make sure you like the surgeon performing the procedure and that you have good vibes with him

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