Botox Made Me Have Bags and More - Valencia, CA

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I waited a month to see {chief of dermatology,...

I waited a month to see {chief of dermatology, awards galore]I always had great experience with botox until now. He injected botox under my lower lids to "open my eye up" I never had bags or dark circles ever before. Two days later i had bags and deep creases and dark circles under my eyes, also im uncomfortable because my under lid is paralyzed and it feels very odd, I swear even my vision is effected. I am horrified. i payed to look 10 years older, its only been 2 weeks and I dont want to go out in public.

The doctor said in time it would get better, that he has had only a few people have this experience. I am so scared I will never return to normal , and im scared because my vision is affected , I wonder if i will go blind? Im so terrified , can someone give me some advice to this mess?

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