Breast Reduction, Lift with Implants Sceduled Wed 1/11/11 - Valdosta, GA

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I have wanted this surgery for many years! I was a...

I have wanted this surgery for many years! I was a 34DDD 3yrs ago and then became preggers with my son. my breast size did increase from there but breastfed for 8 months, so they had seen better days! I finally decided this was what i wanted to do and was on my way to find a doctor. well i had decided that i wanted implants at the same time so they would keep that full and youthful shape for many years to come. i talked to my doc about it and he said that its not that common but can be done. so im scheduled for surgery in 2 days.

ive put this surgery off twice already because i wanted to be sure! well the time is now and i dont know what to do. ive read the doc's comments that that could be dangerous and unnecessary but my doc hasnt really voiced those concerns to me so....this is the first time im hearing this! What do I do??? I want it all!

Heres a pre-op picture. hope this helps a little...

heres a pre-op picture. hope this helps a little more! my scars are healing nicely and i love the right one other than its quite a bit smaller. im 5'5 and 143 lbs, 38 DDD before

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