Mom, over 40, Looking for Modest Augmentation

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I'm 43 years old and have wanted to enlarge my...

I'm 43 years old and have wanted to enlarge my breasts since puberty. I always had tiny breasts and really didn't even need a bra for many years. Pregnancies and breastfeeding enlarged them a little bit, but I had to pad my nursing bras to make them even fit. I weaned my youngest 9 years ago. 3 years ago I had a fat transfer procedure with mixed results. My breasts are indeed larger than they were--And I have more fat and softness throughout my breast "mound." They are small but nicely shaped overall. But the procedure has given me some benign cysts and areas of fat necrosis that have required extra mammograms, etc., and that is a very real downside to fat transfer: it doesn't increase your cancer risk, but it can produce cysts and areas of necrosis that have to be "checked out", which can be nerve wracking.
My surgery is coming up in less than a week. My goals are very modest, and I fear being too big rather than too small. This is not a sentiment I have observed very often on Real Self but I feel certain about that for myself. My breast width is not small considering my overall size and I am going with an allergan low profile saline implant, 250-270cc...unusual, I know. My PS prefers silicone but I have not been able to get comfortable with that, so I am sticking to saline. I have seen his work with low profile saline implants,though, and I think the results look quite good. I have attached some "before" photos.

1 week post-op, 250cc low profile

Exactly a week ago I had my surgery. I took the oxycodone/Valium for about 30 hours, extra strength Tylenol for another 24 hours, then nothing except the prescribed antibiotic. Yes, there was a lot of weirdness and discomfort but I think the meds can make you feel even least that was my experience. As planned, I had Allergan low profile 250cc saline implants; my left implant was filled to 260cc. My recovery seems normal so far, but it is strange going from frequent activity and exercise to rest and recovery mode. I got my stitches out yesterday and instead of an ace wrap over my surgical bra I now have "the strap." I'm pleased so far and I know it will take a while to see the final result. My doctor calls this the "too high/too big/too small/too swollen" stage and it's kinda true, but I don't feel freaked out.
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