Treated Myself at Almost 59 After Surviving Cancer and Liver Transplant Due to Premature Ageing of Skin from These Illness - VA

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The procedure wasn't bad as i was numb. This was a...

The procedure wasn't bad as i was numb. This was a Lifestyle Lift in the Virginia beach office. I had discussed my concerns of double chin, creases/wrinkles in my creases on each side of chin, and a top lip enhancement. After over a year of visiting this office and considering, I finally did it. I was so excited. What a disappoinment. At 6 days they cut the knots from the stiches. I had to travel to N>C. for my grand daughters competition. I left the next morning and 3 days after, I noticed gaps behind my ears. Basically, all of the stiches burst after knots were cut and now I have huge holes behind the ars (unhealed open areas). In the front of my right ear, the stiches burst and now a 3 inch long by 1/4 wide unhealed area is left. I also have the old vertical wrinkles as of my chin now horizontal from the way the skin was pulled. More noticable than before as they were in natural creases. I also now have lines down both sides of my face that were not there before, small pocket of fat on each side of bottom chin w/one hanging lower that the other. I'm supposed to go back 4/10 and don't know what to do. I am afraid to let any repairs be done. I feel like a freak. God has blessede me with my husband as he has been good through this whole thing and I didn't even let him know until afterwards. I am scared at this point.
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I really can't rate him until I go back to him (if I go)and find out what he intends to do that will help me without further scarring my face. It has been only 23 days and I should give him the benifit of everything healing before I place a true judgement. I will follow up as time heals.

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