Permanent Makeup - Utica Twp, Michigan

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In 2003 I went to a lady who did a pretty great...

In 2003 I went to a lady who did a pretty great job on the first visit--with one exception: she did the color too dark. She gave me a cholocate brown which is not what I was used to. But since I barely had eyebrow hair, I was happy.

The second visit was one of the biggest mistakes of my life!!!!! She recommended we go with black even though I repeatedly asked her not to! Then, one of my brows went into my 3rd eye. She did her best to fix it but I was stuck with that until it tremendously faded this year.

Here IS WHERE I COMMITTED ANOTHER CRIME!!! I DID IT AGAIN!!! THE PERMANENT MAKEUP THING, I MEAN! Yes, I went to someone new, yes I explained the color I wanted and even created the shape...but she insisted on using an almost black color (I guess they think if you're Black you should have black brows but...look at any Black female celebrity on television and their brows are usually made up with brown makeup). She recommended salt paste to fix the I have a scar into my 3rd eye.

One eyebrow is too high and too large...the other was okay but now she has made it worse than it was. I don't blame the woman I went to this year solely, my brows were bad prior to visiting her but she did not help the situation. She just made a bad situation worse.

At least if she would say, "Hey, I made a mistake and I mislead you on the color," I'd feel better but for some reason these permanent makeup people don't like to apologize.

I have included the terrible shots of how they look now and a pic of how I conceal them with makeup and enhance them with Maybeline.

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If you look at these brows and want to go to the person who did them...then I feel just as bad for you as my eyebrows. :-(

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