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I am beginning my research and waited to do a...

I am beginning my research and waited to do a review. I have decided how I wish to use the site. I decided I will type what I find on other sites that I need to remember and help me to organize along the way.

1. So far I have learned that the garment is medically necessary and may be require to be worn on some patients longer than others. (based on swelling and fluid retention). The longer the garment is worn the better the healing process.

2. A heart shaped bottom (i am seeking) is created by the surgeon inserting fat aggressively to the bottom of the bum bum. (softer look than a donkey bum bum without hips).. I am over 45 wish to look sexy for my age not freakish in a boardroom or teaching a class. Your professional as well as personal wishes should be considered for how much of a bottom you want. An big ass may keep you out of the board room or too dramatic in a uniform or teaching students at a blackboard.
3. The faster the surgeon or the less time (hours) you are under the safer you are with regards to blood clots and embolisms.
4. Walking immediately after surgery promotes safer healing.
5. Begin taking vitamins immediately upon learning you are even considering surgery.
6. Look for a garment that allows the skin to breath. (not all garments allow the skin to breath).
7. Compression socks worn immediately after surgery or during if allowed
8. Inform a medical doc of your plans and find out if you return with minor problems will he/she work on you. Include a dermatologist as a safe bet too.
9. Sign in at the US Embassy if going out of the country.
10. Pay the extra money and expedite your passport (never too early)
11. Hire a nurse during to be there for you as you are about to go under and during your 1st 48 to 72 hours.
12. Have a printout of all your contacts in the event you lose your cell phone.
13. Make an account on amazon and as you find things you wish to buy or need add them to your wish list.(very helpful for me).
14. Include all numbers you find on realself.com for drivers and nurses etc in your contact list for emergencies.
15. Don't unload bag in hospital, your room may change. (have someone to hold your things), bring a pillow and blanket (hear of being cold and no pillow).

This will help me as I continue on this journey

Talking out Loud

Ok, I will be having surgery with someone in August 2014. But based on excellent consistent aftercare reviews I am leaning with Tijuana Mexico. I have one doctor who I spoke with and awaiting a second and will be making my final decision within the next week.
My aftercare was just as high on my list of must have's as my surgeon. I want to not have to worry about doing things for myself at least in the first few days after surgery. With me being in my 40's aftercare is important. I will remain in a recovery house for at least 25 days. If I go home any sooner, I will be driving too soon, doing errands for too long, and not sleeping enough. So for someone like my independent self who don't always seem to know how to relax. Being away from home will ensure that I will do less, getting my massages and rest and in an environment that meals will be prepared timely and consistently to build my strength.
I am aware of the many talented physicians, I have seen the sculpting skills in the flesh, but aftercare is just as necessary. I have waiting for years to have the surgery and able to get 4 weeks off from my place of work. So I need to make this a total spa like experience, with little cares of having to cook, remembering my meds, getting affordable massages, and little concerns about a doctor not wanting to touch me because I had surgery out of the country. And finally, to all the brave women who remove their own drains, I would just pass out...lol.

And if anyone can give me a recovery house in DR, that is full of nurses who are patient and kind and assist with bathing and with transportation to and from the physician along with meals prepared consistently and daily and massage therapist that does not have a wait time more than 30 minutes and the physician does house calls daily to the recovery house and where English is spoken and understood.

How to take care of fat that is grafted

By Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez

The recovery period for the brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks. If you sit sooner than that it can prevent some of the fat grafts from surviving. Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to 400 pounds per square inch in some areas, on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off.Squatting and stretching are not as bad as sitting, but they can place significant shear and tear stress on the tissues. The blood vessels that keep the cells alive and the grafts themselves are held together by a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix. This matrix is composed of protein rods and cells that link together. In the beginning it’s a gel like structure. It can get deformed by folds in the garment or constant low grade pressure. This matrix is only 50% as strong as its going to be at the 1 month post op. This is why stretching, squatting, etc., is not ideal in the early postop period.

A compression garment is very helpful during the recovery because the low compression prevents tissue swelling. Tissue swelling is the enemy of good healing. The pressure is not nearly enough to crush tissues or shut off circulation. A compression garment with the buttocks cutout would be the exact wrong thing as it would allow swelling in the buttocks and prevent drainage into the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, it would milk swelling from the surrounding tissues into the uncompressed buttocks.Why 3 weeks then? These are the key things that must happen for a fat graft to be successful:*Blood supply must reach the fat graft before it runs out of nutrients.*Blood vessels must get incorporated into the graft successfully.*All the tissues- fat grafts, blood supply, and surrounding tissues must be knit together successfully by the extracellular matrix.It takes 3-4 days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts. During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another 2-3 weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses. This is why 3 weeks is the absolute earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues.The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result. Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in a less prominent buttocks which you could have had by not sitting.

Final Choice ( Dr. Harold Villalobos Cardenas)

I have decided to go to Cali, Colombia. I have gone back and forth but based on research and my heart and how things have come together I will go to Cali. I have read different reviews by American doctors who are the standard in all areas of health care and they frown upon us leaving the country. If they don't try to understand potential patients they will lose valuable information to keep us where it should be the safest. Anyways, I have prayed and I will continue to pray for a successful surgery and safe travel filled with blessings.

I will be staying at Casa Arama, I just used whatsapp and made contact with the owner and we have began communicating on today. I chose Casa Arama because of the beauty of what I have read and then the slide show of the facility. I am sure there are others that are just as wonderful, but this is just my choice as it stands for now.

The doctor will be performing TT with muscle repair (will learn more prior to surgery), chin lipo, full back and bbl w/hips. I know I will be on my butt, so the plan in my head is to ask the doctor to "fill it up" and in hopes despite what volume is lost, I will be overall pleased with my butt volume that remains along with its shape.

I would like my breast lifted, but it just sounds like that would be too much surgery for now. I will remain in Cali Colombia for about 20 - 25 days. I will in fact have completed all my massages, have the doctor available to address any early concerns that I have in person. And I don't believe I will get the rest I need at home and I have planned and spent too much to cause myself harm during the healing process. I am so independent, but that is because I must be or nothing will get done. But I have a chance to be taken care of so I owe it to myself to take every advantage of the care I will be given as long as I remain in Cali in a recovery house and near the surgeon.

My supermarket has smoothie mix and a co-worker loves it, she adds milk or apple juice or water and fresh fruits. So I intend to pack some and snacks. I am not sure if I need to bring so much of a medicine chest. I am thinking of purchasing my products in Colombia to travel light, such as scar treatment and hygiene such a gloves. I will get there two days prior (doctor requires).

I have had a complete cardiac workup 1 week ago and all went well. I have informed by primary care physician (who is female). She took a look at me and agreed that TT would be best for me. I did blood work on yesterday. I did not mention where I would be going, it was hard enough to tell her what I was doing and I gave her a list of blood work and she included it in what she would normally do to clear one for surgery. I will see her in two weeks to get a letter a clearance as well. I will have time to build my iron levels if they return - low.

The doctor requires his patients to arrive at least two days early, prior to surgery. He believes that is safer, when a person travels by air. I was able to read his training and schooling and he has general surgery experience (2 years) and he taught as well. So all of these things make me more confident in his skills as a surgeon and up to date training he has yearly. All this was found on his website. I am not taking away from any other surgeon, many are great but unfortunately I have not had enough time to research them all. I understand Yily teaches also, and that is great! That says a lot about her. I hear complaints that she does not do the surgery, but how else will students learn. And by the way, the best hospital to be treated is one that teaches, enough said. So you go Dr. Yily, touching the lives of students and though highly enough to instruct others by guiding their hands by words and your patients come out alive. And yes, they may hit and misses but, we pay for what we get. One of the top honors a person can have is to impart knowledge and skills to others. With that said...on with my journey.

Oh, and I love the lift of his butts (round, high and plump). I understand that with a tummy tuck and lipo of back and flanks that the butt will pick up volume on its own. So I need it shaped more than anything.

Upon Arrival:
So, when I arrive in those two days I will let the RH take me around to gather my supplies in between the testing and organize my sleeping area, get a massage, mani & pedi & hair washed and set to get my blood circulating and take a nice bubble bath. I just don't want to feel rushed. And take care of any outstanding business back home or anything that I have forgotten. Ensure I have communications set up for telephoning and internet access.

Returning home:
Hit the ground running (so to speak). Begin walking in the park (slowly). Supplies (amazon). Shopping for new clothes and undergarments. Schedule my normal pampering. No lifting, pulling or pushing for at least 6 months (allowing time for total abdominal healing). There is no way we are all healing in the same amount of time. I want my results to last. PURCHASE healthy supplements and foods. KEEP my focus on my studies both educationally and spiritually. REMEMBER why I have sought to have surgery in the first place and enjoy my new enhanced body by honoring it. Until next time ladies

Ensure I have my medical supplies (amazon)

Passport Health

I checked on types of vaccinations, if any, required and found that in going to Colombia that there are vaccinations recommended. I have an appointment in August. And I further learned that there are a certain number of days before the vaccinations will offer protection. I don't recall very many, if any, review discussing whether or not they were inoculated prior to entering another country. So ladies, please look into vaccinations.

US Embassy Smart Traveler Program

I logged onto the US Embassy and registered my trip. This will let the embassy know that I am in town and in the event of an emergency how to contact me. This further assists my family in the event anything happens. It also provided me with information on Colombia.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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