Upper Bleph-What YOU Need To Know

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I ONLY wanted the excess skin above the creases...

I ONLY wanted the excess skin above the creases removed; I told the doctor "conservative"-not a drastic change. They assured me that he was not one to over-do things or give you a surgical look.

I was not told about the post-op: gritty, dry eye, the milia, the "buttons" along the incision, possibility of chemosis-which I believe I developed, or swelling near cheekbones, malar crescents/ festoons. I have had to Rx myself antibiotic ointments along with soothing eye drops, and use 50% Hydrogen Peroxide to clean,on the incisions use Aquaphor, Mederma, Vit. E. But the WORST part is that the incision was placed low on one eye making that eyelid smaller; the incision on the other is a higher, accentuated arch, so that eyelid is about twice as big.

When I go in for checks, they say, "Oh, you look so good!!!" I have to be creative with make-up to disguise this. I will have to wait 6-12 months to have a revision elsewhere, and of course pay again. My boyfriend has to hear me complain all the time. And I have cried a few times.

What I learned is that the outcome is unpredictable and they never tell you the real truth about all the things that can go wrong. I went to a very reputable doctor that works on all the elite people in town.

I would say to WAIT until you absolutely HATE the way you look before you have anything done. Get the LEAST done; not a lot of procedures at once. Draw a picture for the doctor of what you want, if possible. Take a friend in with you for the consultations- do more than one consult. Do not assume he will just do it right. Remind him again right before he starts on the day of the surgery, for example: "Now remember, my Right eye is the one with a little bit more fat/ overlapping skin. Not the left." You are just one patient of many. You are putting a whole lot of trust in the hands of the surgeon, and your eyes are SO IMPORTANT. Do your homework to find out as much as you can.

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Dr. Tall, Dark, Handsome does not pay attention to try to achieve excellence-or even something that looks Normal. He fancies himself as one who can do 4-5 big procedures in one sitting-large cases-but he is not as gifted as he thinks.

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